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Radio France's plan envisions 299 job cuts


The administration announced its savings plan on Thursday and promises to create 76 positions, including 50 digital ones.

By Sandrin Cassini Posted today at 4 pm, updated at 10 pm

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Radio France's budget cuts plan enters phase two. On the occasion of a long debt-free Social and Economic Committee (CSE), which lasted more than ten hours Thursday, November 14, Sibylle Well has finally clarified the size of the departures, which should enable him to achieve 60m euros in savings by 2022.

Thus, the president of public radio predicts 299 job cuts, out of a total workforce of about 4,600 full-time equivalents. In parallel, 76 positions will be created, including 50 digital ones. “I was convinced that the number of voluntary departures of employees was severely limited. We took into account the departures already planned for the coming years and the vacancies. " reassured the president in a letter sent Thursday morning to staff.

As a result, 236 employees will be invited to participate in this voluntary departure plan. The seven radio stations (Francophone, France Inter, France Culture, France Music, Mov, France Blue and CIP) have been preserved as well as the four music groups. On the other hand, the symphony choir will be seriously amputated: its staff will range from 93 to 60 people.

Two other departments will also be greatly affected. The "Direction of Production and Antennas" will melt by 10% with the disappearance of 41 technical positions, including 25 specifically dedicated to sound. Directors and assistant directors, especially present in France Culture and France Music, will lose 30 jobs, falling to 92 employees. "Some directions will not be affected by these departures because of their organization. Like, for example, France Blue »also touts the SNC Syndicate, present at the meeting.

Sections will take place throughout the group

Subsequently, surgical cuts will occur throughout the group, as well as the administrative as well as the journalist. Half of the cleaning positions will be gone. On FIP for example, "Administration removes eyelashes (four journalists in less) (…) and Women Leaders in Regions »said the SNC.

These departures will be spread over three years and will include retired employees or people with a special project outside. In contrast, the financial support of beginners "It's the same with daisies", estimates a union source, taking the example of a four-month bonus offered by future retirees. "This is under the convention, because often these people are thirty-five to forty. "

For a moment, management abandoned the idea of ​​giving up vacation days, contrary to what it meant before summer. "Assumed to come a second time"said a witness from the meeting. In an explosive report from February 2019, the Court of Auditors assessed this "The working hours at the company, set by the contract of 27 January 2000, have remained particularly low".

The unions are due to meet on Friday, November 14 to decide how to handle the announcements. On the same day, Sibele Wel will speak with staff. The new CSE is due to meet on November 25 and 26 'Bargain'says a unionist who doesn't see 'Too much to negotiate'. The first day of the strike was well-attended on June 18th.

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Then came the presentation by Sibylle Well of Radio France 2022, a plan to modernize Mason Round to move to digital professions (creating podcasts or "young offerings"), but in particular 60 million in savings of 671 million euros, including 600 million euros of public resources, according to figures for 2018.

Maintenance perspective

Objective: to cope with the reduction of the state allocation of 20 million euros, the mechanical increase of costs of 20 million euros and the additional cost of 20 million euros of digital financing.

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Against the backdrop of the plan, the prospect of a holding company overseeing both France Television and Radio France, which the government wants to create under the audiovisual bill to be passed in 2020, worries all House flooring circles. Wouldn't this plan be a "Weakening organized before forced marriage to French television? "wonders SNC. "It is risky to watch public radio broadcast on television. What will remain of his creativity, his agility? "warns one of the leaders of the public group.

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