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Quintus PMU – Forecast of MONTIGNAC-CHARENTEAN 18.11.2019

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Vincennes' Quint + Monday European level A race, on a track of 2700 meters, for 6 to 10 years including winning at least € 160,000 but not £ 450,000. Good COLONEL (our photo) looks scary.

Colonel : On November 4 in Vincennes, at the 2100m freestyle start, he easily won his fifth win of the year. This race on Monday is his second goal of the match. He is ready to make another great performance.

12 GOUZE CLASSIC : Given his three successes at the end of the summer in Vincens (31/8, 7/9 and 14/9,), the chance for this 7-year-old mare is evident in this lot. A wonderful commitment is for this resident of Jeananne-Michel Bazire.

3 HERES MAY : This trotter quality is better than its last race. He was very consistent throughout the year, repeatedly giving a good impression. Shine, he is able to fight for the top spots.

2 I LOVE Paris : This mare trained by Bjorn Gop just launched an encouraging comeback on November 4, in Vincent. Last winter, it featured at a higher level. She will certainly be sharp enough to play a good role.

13 FIFERO NOA : Well committed to the ceiling of earnings, endorsed by many of its kind and subject to favorable training sounds, this 7 year internship is competitive for the place. Pay attention to him if he gives his best value.

5 DIRECT WAY : On his last outing to Vincent, in Group III, he won an encouraging fifth. This 6 year old no longer has to prove her quality. It's worth so much and you can aim for a spot at the end of a good course.

7 BALANDO : In form, having done almost all of its races and confirmed on the great Vincens track, this good finalist has his own word to say for a nice distribution. External valid.

4 CANCER DRAGON : His coach gave him a fresh start after his failure on October 5 in Caen. Clashing in second place on September 7 at Vincennes in Race X should not be overlooked when choosing a small place.

In case of departure : 6 SUPER JAZZ

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10 – Colonel

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