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PS4 Bee Simulator Test from

With the exception of 1998 animated film adaptations or action games, Buck BombaySeveral bees have become video game protagonists so far. Announcement for Bee simulator naturally aroused the curiosity of many players, eager for new experiences. Bee simulation, this new work modified by Big Ben Interactive, offers us a path to family pollination, strong and educational; with the risk of playful dimensions being too little exploited.

Bee simulator – trailer

"Bee, little hero … In the big world": An introduction full of Joker introduces our heroine and the impact he has on nature. High priestly pollen, the bee today threatens to overpower Man. We long to discover the dangerous daily life of this insect without which life would not be possible Seeking to bring parents and children closer together, Warsaw Studios is trying to combine education, playfulness and accessibility with difficulty.When content is lacking and manageable, Bee Simulator will still have the benefit of a rewarding educational experience.

A family flight that lacks balance

Bee simulator: An educational simulation that beats the wing

Our first basket wings tell us very quickly that we will be dealing with kids close by. "Hi little bee, what's your name?"We ask our leader in a voice before sending us our first tutorial. It will take some persistence to master the thorny way of handling our bee. In the green corner directly inspired by the famous Central New York Central Park, it will still be nice to fly in beautiful scenery; if you bypass the suspicious lumps issued by the NPF of suspicious AI. Work done in colors and lights highlights a globally satisfied universe. The different corners of your basket also have a certain charm. By drinking sugar from abandoned foods or pollen from rare flowers, you can compensate – secretly – for flight often too lazy.

Bee simulator: An educational simulation that beats the wing

The main story will focus on pollination of bees, dangers from the outside world and tranquility of the hive. During transitions a bit rough, we partake in the hectic day-to-day life of these brave workers. Under the Queen's jurisdiction, we are forced to gather the necessary pollen to survive the winter. But our main mission will be to find a new home for our family. Our work will be subjected to hardships by bad horns, ugly wasps, but especially by human-induced destruction.

" The sweetness of honey does not comfort the bee sting "

Bee simulator: An educational simulation that beats the wing

If the soundtrack to the first charming environment of Bee simulator it can gradually become boring, so is its field of action, too repetitive. We are offered two ways of difficulty: easy or difficult; It is advisable for the less young to borrow the latter to avoid becoming too simplistic an adventure. However, with the main story, cooperative mode – Split Screen, credited to existing ones – and a few secondary goals, the title unfortunately has no content. Our main quest will be animated by a few basic challenges: pretty distracting harvests and time trials, dance and some confrontations. The different breeds, as well as the pollen harvest, will be validated by checkpoints marked in circles. The fights will be accomplished with a QTE phase in easy mode, and a hard mode money and impact system.

Bee simulator: An educational simulation that beats the wing

The game can be approached as a peaceful ride despite the lack of interaction with our environment. Since the main story takes up no more than six hours of your time, you are invited to complete the side quests of the park or explore the three co-op maps. Also, the activities will be the same from the main quest to the secondary quest and the same applies to the collaboration mode, made up of the same challenges too short and uncompetitive. Our routine can be brave as it slows down to overwhelm the turbulent children in the park; but finally, we are turning quickly.

Bee simulator: An educational simulation that beats the wingBee simulator: An educational simulation that beats the wing

Educational highlighting experience

Bee simulator: Educational simulation flying "src ="

The Bee Simulator will have the merit of freshly providing a useful educational experience for the whole audience. The loading screen gradually displays new stories of bee life. Also, getting closer to the park types will bring you detailed sheets. All the information you gather will be listed in your dictionary, providing a pleasant reading of the insect world.

Bee simulator: Educational simulation flying "src ="

Thus, through our actions, we learn that the bee species allows him to spot rare flowers, or points the way to his sisters with dancing steps. Despite a scenario that is difficult to convince and repetitive mechanics, the title has pedagogical charm. We want to discover the rich daily life of these little insects: between feeding on larvae, fleeing humans or protecting their families.
The moves you make, such as finding a way to hive, discovering the nature of the drone, or rescuing the bee in distress, will enable you to gain knowledge. You can use them to unlock life statues in your archive or cosmetics:
bee skins, hats or effects; details that will entertain the youngest.


+Positive points

  • Original work of bees
  • Quiet stroll in a pretty charming world
  • Attractive educational dimension
  • Split Screen Cooperative Mode …

Negative points

  • Weak area of ​​operation
  • Something rough scenario
  • Global repetitive content
  • … a little too empty

For its freshness and its educational dimension, Bee simulator is a simulation that can be described as charming. But who deserved to be expanded to be truly appreciated. If we allow ourselves to be fueled by our revelations of the fauna, it is difficult to stick to the routine in which we are invited. Big Ben Interactive offers a public job we would naturally prefer to entrust to children.

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