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Polan affair: Pascal Legitimus evokes "gay" artists and still admires

Try to justify yourself … and go deeper. This is the fate that Pascal Legitimate seems to have known this Saturday. Asked by BFMTV about the need – or not – to boycott the film "J & # 39; accuse" Roman Polanski, accused of rape by a Frenchman in our columns – the actor invited Friday to separate "man" and "artist".

The Inconus member also evoked a "dinner" with this "really charming man" 20 years ago. A vague formula that made him clarify his thoughts on social media. But this argument immediately triggered the start of controversy.

"It's not because Polanski invited me to lunch 20 years ago and I love his films that I am for pedophilia and that I defend him […]. Voltaire was racist, Sade perverse, ethnical, Cocktail, Trenet, homosexual, and yet they value their work, "he writes in a message that has since been deleted but captured by Internet users.

The 60-year-old comedian apparently realized a little later that his message seemed to put racism, pedophilia and homosexuality on the same level. “I didn't express myself well […]he says in a second post. I apologize to you and the LGBTQ + community for my vague comments. "

The actor "does not support anything, obviously, the actions" of Roman Polanski, he adds. Before we conclude no "outcry" that really put an end to the wind of social media protests.

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