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DILUVIEN et S. PASQUIER s'imposent dance le PRIX CASINO BARRIERE DEAUVILLE à DEAUVILLE (R1C3) – Dimanche 25 August 2019

16 inscrits – Tous ont couru
Temps de la course: 3'23''58

Rapport en jeu simple gagnant
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Detail of evolutions of pairs

Commentaire de la course

Arrival chiffrée: 1 – 4 – 13 – 11 – 8

KARLSTAD The first rapprochement of the premiere is on the face line, which is embedded in the line of play, launching the loop course. Even longtemps are illuminated for the visor, with no inclination to the bottom, with no reset DILUVIEN (photo), super finely tuned having a terrain beacon in the 100 degree meters. SPIRIT'S REVENCH being the final effort of a final effort, not necessarily a truce; BOSQUENTIN, outsider to 18/1, with lower concentricity, achieving quatrième place. VASY SAKHEE is the place of the peloton coeur to move the cinquième place.

Jockey de DILUVIEN, Stéphane Pasquier mérite fall son surnom de Monsieur Quinté, pierced Deauville, removing the quintessential quintet + carrier quintet. Quant à DILUVIEN, il n'avait ce dimandhe le terrain fall souple qu'il affectionne. It has a top weight of 60 kilos in one pass and a cord of 16 airbags for desavantager. Malgré tout ça, il a gagné!

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