Saturday , October 16 2021

Philippe will announce measures tomorrow to help the French

POLITICAL SCAN – RTL's morning guest, the prime minister must indicate the projects mentioned by Emmanuel Macrona for improving energy controls and tax exemptions for regional transport assistance.

The chairman sets the course. The prime minister applies this policy. This is the meaning of the institution. And this is a report chosen by Emmanuel Macron and Édard Philippe to try to control dissatisfaction over rising fuel prices. Thus, while the head of state drew two measures last week to help the French – improving energy control and tax-free communication assistance – the head of government must specify the content on Wednesday morning, on RTL.

There is no doubt that the executive authority is giving up. When asked in the House of National Assembly during the hearing of the government on Tuesday, Édouard Philippe "assumed (from 7.5 to 7.8 billion) related to the carbon tax," political choice "considered" unpopular ", but" completely justified "according to him." (This money) are used to a large extent to enable the taxation of the burden of labor to be replaced so far and to make it contaminated with transformations of pollution and disturbances, "he explained.

Macron at 20H TF1 tomorrow evening

Wednesday, when tenant Matignon reveals arbitration retained by the executive, will set out on the road to Elysee to attend the meeting of the Council of Ministers. At the end of this weekly meeting, which usually ends at noon, another tenor of the majority will go to after-sales service for morning announcements. This is Benjamin Griveaux, a government spokesman who will be asked to comment on this in his traditional report.

Ultimately, the president of the republic himself should be questioned in the evening. Invited by the TF1 20H from the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, in Toulon (Var), Emmanuel Macron will answer the questions of the first channel in ten minutes. The head of the state will want to show that he knew how to hear the anger of the French people, three days of a great demonstration, that the "yellow vests" are going to organize Saturday throughout the territory.

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