Wednesday , September 22 2021

Pharmacists will be able to give the AstraZeneca vaccine

Unlike the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, AstraZeneca storage conditions allow vaccination in pharmacies, explained Gabriel Atal.

This is news that could make vaccination known as a serious acceleration in France. Government spokesman Gabriel Atal announced on Monday that pharmacists would be “Mobilized in the vaccination campaign”, after the AstraZeneca vaccine is available in France.

“They will be able to vaccinate, obviously, because we need them, because we have a network of pharmacies on our territory that is extremely dense.”, he said in France’s C à vous program 5, explaining that “If they have not been able to do so before, it is because we have Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines that have conservation requirements. […] which objectively make it difficult for the pharmacist to do so in his pharmacy, which is not the case AstraZeneca ».

Only the latter, in fact, will be concerned. On Friday, he received authorization from the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Green light for all over 18 years old, including those over 65 years old. In France, the High Authority for Health (HAS) is expected to rule on Tuesday.

Pharmacists ‘ready for vaccination’

Pharmacists have repeatedly reiterated their desire to participate in the deployment of vaccinations in France. “Immunization skills need to be extended to pharmacists and nursesThus, he defended Bonil Bonefond, President of the Federation of Trade Unions of Pharmacists Figaro , early January. “We were 15 days late, but now we have to start vaccinating the population in the city and especially in the pharmacies. We are ready“He added. “It would be important to look at vaccinations in pharmacies and medical offices to reach those who will not go to vaccination centers.”also assessed Philippe Besset, President of the Federation of Pharmacists of France (FSPF), assuring that it is “available to public vaccination authorities»

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