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“People who get our vaccine have a 94% chance of having zero symptoms,” said the CEO of Moderna.

The CEO of Moderna, Stephane Bansel, assured on Saturday, December 5, in a French info that no person infected with Covid-19 and who received the vaccine from the American society had developed a severe form of the disease. “We know that people who take our vaccine have a 94% chance of having zero symptoms of Covid-19 if they are infected., he explained for Franceinfo. 6% who have symptoms of the disease are mild symptoms. “We had zero people who had a serious case of Covid, which resulted in hospitalization, intensive care and, in the worst cases, death.”

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Stefan Bansel also explains that it is too early to say whether the vaccine will prevent infection, even if he believes that the results observed in monkeys are very encouraging. Europe has ordered 80 million doses of the Modern vaccine, with another 80 million to choose from.

Francinfo: When will Modern vaccines be available in France?

Stefan Bansel: We submitted the dossiers on November 30 to the European Medicines Agency, in the United States, Canada, England, etc … We were informed on Tuesday, December 1st by the European Medicines Agency that the Scientific Committee would review the final data before approval to meet on January 12. So, we will wait for that date. The process is no longer in our hands. All regulatory agencies have the same record. We are at their disposal 24/7 to answer their questions, but the approval time is up to them.

We did phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3. We did phase 3 with 30,000 people. So, this is a very big phase 3 compared to other vaccines, which was necessary given the urgency to have data very quickly. We know that people who get our vaccine have a 94% chance of having zero symptoms of Covid-19 if they are infected. 6% who have symptoms of the disease are mild symptoms. We had zero people who had a severe case of Covid, resulting in hospitalization, intensive care and in the worst cases death.

Do we know if the vaccine prevents the transmission of the virus? How long does immunity last?

We still do not have the complete answer to these two questions. On the transmission, we do not have data, but we will probably have it during the first quarter. This is a very important issue for the pandemic.

“All regulatory agencies agreed when clinical trials began that the number one goal is to stop the disease, to stop severe cases.

Stefan Bansel, CEO of Moderna

to Francinfo

In terms of the duration of immunity, we have data for three months on the level of antibodies. The good news is that all participants, including the elderly, have a very small drop in antibody levels. We think that we can draw a young person for a few years, even if it is difficult to say whether it will be two years, five years … In the elderly it may be necessary to make a booster more often, maybe once a year or every two years years.

Today, we can not say that the vaccine 100% stops the infection?

I have no scientific data. I think this will be possible for a certain percentage of people who will have the vaccine, because in the monkey models we have made, where we vaccinate and then give very high doses of the virus in the nose, we see that on the second day there is almost no virus in the nose, and the fourth is gone at all. And we gave extremely high doses, much higher than the natural doses of natural infection. And because monkeys infected with vaccines are generally a good species to predict what happens in humans, we think we have a good chance of having the same thing in humans, but as long as “We don’t prove it with data, I can’t say with security.

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