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one dead and 140,000 homes without electricity

Snow plummeted in Drom, Isre and Ardèche caused many power outages. One man was killed and another was injured when a tree fell while trying to clear a blocked road.

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Cars on the highway in Saint-Etienne.
Cars on the highway in Saint-Etienne. SILVER TYPE / AFP

Death in Iser, rail partially blocked in Grenoble and about 140,000 homes without electricity in Drme, Iser and Ardesh: abundant snow has caused devastation and caused a drama Thursday, November 14 in the Rhонаne-Pales.

A 63-year-old driver died in the Roche municipality, north of Iser, after falling from a tree, we learned from the prefecture. The Saxon man was trying to cut down a fallen tree under the snow at about 7pm, reinforcing the others when a second tree fell on them. A 27-year-old man was also injured and hospitalized in Burgoyne.

Snowfall has caused power cuts, depriving about 140,000 households of electricity in Drom, Isre and Ardeche, Enedis said. In particular, two patches intersect. The first incident occurred at about 19:30 in Turnin-sur-Rhонаne (Ardesh) when a 20,000-volt power line fell under the snow. A second cable to the department fell in the evening in Saint-Julien-en-Saint-Alban on twenty-five houses whose passengers were evacuated by firefighters and installed by security guards in the village hall, Ardèche firefighters said.

Train traffic is interrupted

"Our teams are deployed, but the situation is still developing"added the director of the electricity distribution network. In Iser, SNC announces traffic stops at three Grenoble axes "At least until Friday noon" because of the presence of trees fallen on the slopes or threatened to do so.

The axes concerned are Grenoble-Lyon, Grenoble-Valence and Grenoble-Weinz. However, it will be possible to travel from Grenoble to Lyon, but from 'Divert' passing through Chambery in Savoy and Amberie in Ain.

Ardennes, such as Rhонаne, Loire, Ain, Iser, Drмme, and Sainte-et-Loire, were housed Thursday in the alert of orange snow and ice. Up to 20 centimeters of snow is expected at low altitudes and up to 30 centimeters at 300 meters, reports Meteo France, which says snowfall will gradually stop in the south overnight Thursday through Friday.

Limited travel

The Ardèche Prefecture, like many other affected territories, banned the movement of goods over 7.5 tonnes on the department's roads and made mandatory special equipment (snow tires) for all other vehicles.

In Iser, the prefecture urged the population to postpone any unnecessary movement whether by car or on foot, and not engage in snow removal or roof restoration work, for example, which could be dangerous .

In Rhонаne, trucks were banned for 16 hours on all highways around Lyon, including the A6, A7, A42, A43, A46 and A432. These vehicles were also to be stored at various locations on the Ain highway network, where the prefecture activated its timetable for better road traffic management.

In Loire, school transportation will be suspended on Friday, the ward council said Thursday night, citing it "Schools will still remain open". These storms add to the storm and heavy rain expected on Thursday in the south-east of the country in Bush-du-Rh ,ne, Vauxhall and Var, also in orange alert.

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