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Olivier Lettang thanks Chatham Ben Arfa

Arriving at Stad Renault last year, Hatem Ben Arfa has only one year left in Brittany. Experience the offensive midfielder has concluded by signing media that doesn't really appreciate Rouge and Noir. A few months later, SRC President Olivier Lettang said he did not want the former PSG player, who is still looking for a club.

"It's Chatham. You must know Hatem. It was important for Stade Renault. It brought us many things. One, its quality. Two, and I talked about it with some players, it also allowed some players to be uninspired. They said to themselves, "yes, we can have a player like the one next to us." I have players who are still at the club who told me at the end of the season: "thank you for being fantastic and we didn't think signing Stad Renault to be able to compete in Europe could win a trophy." Which means there were a number of psychological barriers that had to be removed. It's not just about saying, you need to work, setting up an organization around them to get quintessence. ", he said in the show In a full skylight broadcast on TV.

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