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New actions in peaceful Paris and bypass for first anniversary of "yellow vests"

The "Yellow Vests" dine on a bypass in La Fiat (Bush-du-Ron, Sunday, November 17, 2019).
"Yellow vests" have lunch at La Fiat bypass (Bush-du-Ron, Sunday, November 17, 2019. Daniel Cole / AP

New actions of the "yellow vests" are taking place Sunday, November 17, for a new commemoration day at the start of this social protest movement unannounced, after saturated Saturday clashes in Paris and several major cities and unable to gather in bulk.

On Saturday, the interior ministry identified 28,000 protesters in France, including 4,700 in Paris. The movement, for its part, estimated the turnout of 39,530 people in Hexagon, according to a "Yellow Number" count. On Sunday morning, Interior Minister Christoph Castaner reported 254 arrests, including 173 in Paris. The Paris Public Prosecutor's Office numbered 155 people in police custody, eight of whom were juveniles.

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  • In Paris, occupation of the Lafayette Galleries

About 200 people – including "yellow vest" figures from Oderom Rodriguez or Priscilla Ludoski – gathered for a quiet week in a square near Les Challes, in the heart of the capital.

“Macron is destroying France and your rights, don't criticize us! We are here for you »one can read a sign or hear the usual songs of "yellow vests": "We're here, we're here, even if Macron doesn't want us, we're here. " "Today we are organizing this new day because it is the anniversary of the weekend. We hope we get the fruits of what we sowed. "said Fauzi Lellouch, one of the organizers of the rally.

In the early afternoon, dozens of "yellow vests" – calling on social media to block Sunday's action "Temples of Consumption" – briefly occupied the Lafayette Gallery on Hausman Boulevard before being evacuated by security services. They stood on the third floor of the famous dome of the store where they launched confetti and sang songs, reports AFP.

"About fifty people who entered the store were evacuated in a calm atmosphere"told the Lafayette Gallery AFP, stating that the store "remain[it] closed all day Sunday ».

At noon, twenty people were arrested in Paris after 639 preventive checks, according to the police prefecture.

Rally in honor of Chantal Mazet, one year after the death of this 63-year-old woman on the Pont-de-Beauvoise (Isre) roundabout, November 17, 2019.
A rally in honor of Chantal Mazet, one year after the death of this 63-year-old woman on the Pont-de-Beauvoisin (Isre) roundabout, November 17, 2019. ROMAN LACHABREGU / AFP

Dozens of people – some 60, according to the AFP – pay tribute to Chantal Mazet's Pont-de-Beauvoisin (Savoy) on Sunday morning, a "yellow vest" dead a year before the first day of mobilization after being overturned in a bypass car. this small town near Chamber.

The participants laid many candles and flowers at the play's location. "In memory of Chantal, a French citizen who fell on November 17, the first day of the" Vesti Vesti "movement"can be read on a commemorative plaque, screwed up from the crash to a grid that borders the ring road. The audience observed a minute of silence and were then invited to take a walk around the ring.

On the morning of 17.11.2018, Chantal Mazet, a 63-year-old retiree, took part in a demonstration of about forty "yellow vests" in the roundabout in the Pont-de-Beauvoin shopping district. Arrested by a roadblock, the 4 × 4 driver, who said she panicked when taking her daughter to the doctor, accelerated and destroyed the victim forcing the crossing.

Mme Masset was the first victim killed during the mobilization of the "yellow vests". Ten others were killed, mainly in traffic accidents near dams or bystanders holding protesters..

  • Bypass actions

To celebrate this first anniversary, Bush-du-Ron's "yellow vests" dined on Sunday at noon on La Fiat Circle. Near Obanj, protesters occupied the pont-de-toll road before being evicted by police.

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At Le Mans, a dozen "yellow vests" held for one year "Reception Centers" on their circular course, they slept on site overnight from Saturday to Sunday, sitting on benches or camping sites around the fire, protected by pipes and with one sign: "One year, nothing has changed."

“We were in our fifties yesterday afternoon. Today, there are not many yellow vests on the dashboard, but 80% of drivers are honored to show their support. "told Charles AFP, 52, a former stapler in a cardboard box and now unemployed, one of the "yellow vests" of a roundabout "Mr. Bricolage"as they call themselves.

"It's the misery that brought us together. We are caught up in a system that is too much consumer, we can no longer live, eat, sometimes heat up. ", says Charles, for whom they have 17 billion euros in aid and tax cuts announced by the government "Not much has changed."

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  • Controversy after Saturday's clashes

Asked about Cnews / Europe1 / LesEchos on Sunday morning, Interior Minister Christoph Castaner belittled 'Rogue' come Saturday "Fight, fight the police, prevent firefighters from acting". He felt it "Those who remain today are people whose only driving force is anger, hatred, and the will to fight.".

"The movement of "yellow vests" has been gang-raped for some months by people who think political violence is legitimate. "Government spokesman Sibet Ndayai told Radio X. "We cannot sum up" movement "Exclusive to this violence", she added, because"He was the carrier of French weakness" and "Requirements" to which, in his opinion, the Government responded "Extremely massive".

For their part, the "yellow vests" denounced a ban on demonstrations that were to leave Saturday's Place D & # 39; Italy, in the 13th district of Paris, as 'Political decision' and Nasser's Strategy (surrounded by law enforcement), as one of the organizers, told AFP Fausi Lellouche, at a rally near Les Foles. "It's not normal that we have so much repression"added Priscilia Ludoski.

In tweet, historian and columnist for the show Stop Paintings, Matilde Lori, present at a demonstration in Paris on Saturday, said she was prevented from leaving Italy despite "Cloud of gas" and "Detonations". "This repression, this refusal to free people while allowing others to come in to find themselves in the muse, these permanent gases, shells falling from everywhere, is not worthy of a democratic state."she wrote.

For his part, the mayor of 13e Omeerom Kumet (DWG), regrets that the prefecture originally authorized this rally in the Italian square, while he alerted her that he was in "Total renovation"with "Three Important Projects". " We provided all these pages as we could, but it certainly served as a missile, of course. It made me bristle ", complained to Micro Francinfo.

Recalling that 600 police officers and gendarmes were injured in 2018, Stanislas Gaudon, deputy secretary general of the Alliance's police union, told BHTV that he did not "sentenced[ait] not strong enough to commit abuses police forces.

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