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NBA: Boston and Irving Down Toronto

NBA: Boston and Irving Down Toronto
/ Tim Bradbury

The Boston-Toronto duel may be a poster of the Eastern Conference final in May: after a month of competition, both teams return when Celtics, chaired by Kyrie Irving (43 points), won 123 to 116 after the extension, Friday.

Toronto won their first appearance (113-101) on October 19, and the Raptors were looking for another win.

The Canadian series seemed to take off at the beginning of the fourth period (86-78), but at this point Irving decided to wake up.

The Celtics leader, whose 2017-18 season was interrupted in March due to a knee injury and surgery, brought the team back into the game and wrested overtime.

Irving scored 23 of 43 points in the last period and extra time and won an intense duel with Kawhi Leonard (31 points, 15 rbds).

"It's always a great motivation to play against a great team and a great player (like Kawhi Leonard), one of the best players at the moment," said Irving.

"It was a good game, but we are still in November, and the season is still long, both teams still have room to improve" – ​​he warned.

"We fought hard, but we have to admit that they played better than we do, we still have to improve," said Leonard.

43 points Davis

Despite this fourth loss, Toronto remains the leader of the eastern conference (12-4 d), while Boston gains strength after the mixed start of the season (4, 9v-6d).

New Orleans had a bad start against the New York Knicks, which dominated the first quarter (32-16) and maintained the lead for three minutes until the end of the regular time.

However, Anthony Davis, with 43 points and 17 rebounds, disliked the young Knicks, who lost their fourth loss (129-124) and were 13th at the Eastern Conference (4 v-12 d).

Arriving at Philadelphia earlier this week, Jimmy Buttler celebrated his first victory at Sixers against Utah (113-107).

The tenth victory this season was not easy, because Jazz, after a disastrous first quarter (38-24) was pushed away thanks to Donovan Mitchell (31 points in the 34th minute, but 13 out of 35 shooting and 0 passes).

It was not until the last moment that Philadelphia made a difference with the baskets of Ben Simmons and Butler.

Back settled several accounts with his former teammates from Minnesota, noting that "" here everyone wanted to win.

Utah, who lost six of the last nine games, fell 12th in the Western Conference, while Philadelphia ranked 5th in the East (10-7).

Finally, Milwaukee is now just one Toronto victory (11 v-4 d) after his demonstration (123-104) against Chicago thanks to Eric Bledsoe (25 points) and the inevitable Giannis Antetokounmpo (23 points, 13 rebounds).

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