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Nadine Traintiant defends Roman Polanski, her sons and nephew split: "Never be silent!"

On November 13, Nadine Trintignant was shocked by the takeover of Roman Polanski's defense on BHTV's mic. This Friday, his son Vincent and his nephew Roman Kolinka publish an open dissertation letter.

Even how his daughter Marie is dead under the strokes of Bertrand Cantat fifteen years ago, director Nadine Trintignant chose to defend Roman Polanski, accused by a French photographer raped her more than forty years ago when she was only eighteen. Surprisingly surprising, especially after the 81-year-old director estimated that the director had simply paid the price of his notoriety. In an open letter to gala Friday, November 15, Vincent Trintiant and Roman Trintiant, brother and son of Marie Trintiant, are separated from their mother and grandmother's words.

"We support each other wholeheartedly these worthy, courageous womenwho dare to condemn their executioners and testify of the immortal violence they were subjected to. Your speech is precious and necessary. The artist, even if described as immense, is first and foremost a human being. He must face justice for the pain he inflicted. We believe dear Adele, Valentineand all your sisters who dare to break the silence. Your stories are tremendous, huge. We demand that justice be done. What a lesson! Thank you! Never be silent again! Stop the violence against women" written by Vincent Trintignant and his nephew Roman.

"Wouldn't be Roman Polanski, wouldn't give him peace"

Speech by Vincent Trintiant is almost new. Usually very discreet in the media, the man has also shone with silence for the last fifteen years, refusing to give interviews to talk about his late sister. Nadine Trintigant's comments finally moved him to react. On the BFMTV microphone, she said: "I support Roman Polanski because he's a huge director, an intelligent man, and he did something serious forty-four years ago. For 44 years, thousands of women have been raped, and we do not know the names of the men who committed this evil act. We leave them alone because they are called DuPond, Durand, they are traders (…) It wouldn't be Roman Polanski, it wouldn't give him peace. All others, we give them peace! “

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