Wednesday , June 16 2021

Miscellaneous facts | Attacks: Jawad Bendoud again tried "owner"

In February, during the trial quickly turned into a Jawad show, he repeated, even shouted, that he did not know that the two men he was guarding were terrorists from November 13th. The defense convicted by the Criminal Court in Paris: Jawad Bendoud was released, a decision that aroused the anger of the many victims of the attacks present at the hearing.

Eight months later, Jawad Bendaoud, Mohamed Soumah and Youssef Aït Boulahcen met, before December 21, before the Paris Court of Appeal in a first dossier dated November 13th to go to court. "We hope that the court's decision will change," said Philippe Duperon, president of the 13th-15 brotherhood and truth victims association, who lost his son, Bataklen.

"We are not animated by the spirit of revenge. We want to know the truth," says Arthur Denwo, of the Association of Victims of Life for Paris.

Avoid "circus" Jawad

Almost 700 civil parties will be present this Wednesday for the appeal hearing. With expectation: the debate will be quieter and that Javan Bendoud did not renew the "circus" he gave in the first instance case. The prosecution filed a complaint against Jawad Bendaud, saying that "he did not share the court's analysis at all". In particular, the defendant should be questioned in relation to his statements in which he claims to have "spread justice". But lawyers know that the fragility of the case can lead to a new release. "The dossier is incomplete, there are failures in the teaching," says the lawyer of the civil parties.

The trial of Yusef Ait Bullachen?

But attention will not be focused only on Jawad Bendaud. It is Yusef Ait Bulahenzen, cousin of Abdelhamed Abbaud's brains of the November 13, 2015 attacks, and Hassna's brother, the support of the two terrorists who are housed in Mr Bendaud's apartment, which attracted views. Accused of the irrevocability of terrorist crimes, this discreet ambulance was sentenced to 4 years in prison, one of which was suspended in February. "It's dangerous, you can not leave it outside," says M.e Samia Maktouf, who represents thirty victims. He grew up in a violent, racist, anti-Semitic environment. I hope this trial will be the one of Yusef Ait Bulahentsen. "

The appeals court must make its decision on December 21st.

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