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Michel Fourniret tried to kill Farida Hammiche and stole the magot from a bunch of hairstyles


Michel Fourniret during the trial before the Assize Court of Ardennes in 2008 – ALAIN JULIEN / AFP

  • Michel Fourniret and Monique Olivier are evaluated in Assises in Versailles.
  • They are accused of murdering Farida Hammiche and stealing big money.
  • He would be a treasure of "content", a band of bandits from the eighties.
  • They have already been condemned to live, they have recognized the facts.
  • During this process, some lawyers want to hear them in the case of Estelle Mouzin.

Kilogram of gold buried in the cemetery. Former rabbis. Serial killer. And a dead body that has never been able to reveal its secrets. Looks like
B series scenario. But this is one of the chapters in history
Michel Fourniret, 76, that the Assize Court of Yvelines will consider, from Tuesday. Next to ex-wife Monique Olivier, the killer will be tried,
for four days at Versailles, for the murder of Farida Hammiche and theft
Gang from Treska.

Fric-frac is worthy of the 1980s. At the time, Michel Fourniret is not yet "the Ardennes' garden". But he is already serving the prison sentence at Fleury-Mérogis (Essonne) for a series of sexual attacks on minors. To avoid the inconvenience of "guidance" in custody, he is under the protection of Jean-Pierre & # 39; and Hellegouarch. Behind the bars, for a moment, this thief is looking for someone to help him get the treasure
A gang with hairpieces discovered a location with another fellow prisoner.

In the toolbox, ingots, Napoleon, Mexican peso

That's why Fourniret, dismissed for "good behavior" in 1987, is responsible for finding Farida, the robber's wife, to help him dig up the treasure. "I did not see any danger," Hellegouarch later said. Farida found [que] Fourniret and his wife [étaient] fun. We called them Popeye …

Appointment was thus determined at the cemetery in Fontenay-en-Parisis (Val d & o; oise). After two observations, Fourniret attacks the earth between the wall and the tomb number thirty, Louis Gloriand. A quick pick hits the red set of tools. Inside, plastic boxes filled with ingots, Napoleon and Mexican pesos. "Twenty pounds of gold," according to researchers.
The fruit of the life of assaults on the famous "hairpieces".

Fourniret said that "not durable" that his victim moaned

30,000 Francs and the purchase of a farm? 500,000 francs? It was impossible to see how much Fourniret had negotiated to accept the job. The versions diverge. But of course it was not enough. "Some time later he told me it would be better to have some more … or even everything," he finally recognized Monique Olivier before the researchers.

Monique Olivier in 2008 at the Charleville-Mézière meeting.
Monique Olivier in 2008 at the Charleville-Mézière meeting. – François Nascimbeni / AFP

Michel Fourniret again goes to Farid Hammiche for a walk. About Clairefontaine this time. He makes her believe she needs her to get her stolen arms back. But as soon as he got out of the car, he stabbed her with a very sharp bayonet (…) which he lifted onto [son] father-in-law before suffocating him and throwing him in the trunk of the car. The killer went so far that he confessed to investigators that the young woman was still moaning for several kilometers "what [lui] it was difficult to keep balance before he finally stopped burying him.

Shadow Estelle Mouzin on the process

Already sentenced to unspecified life for five murders and two murders, "Michel Fourniret does not expect much after this process, he says
Gregory Vavasseur, his lawyer. In this case he provided a detailed confession and he is not someone who will come back to her. Monique Olivier, 70, is in the same state of mind. "She admitted to her complicity, she explains
Richard Delgenes, his lawyer. She confessed that she went to the Jean-Pierre salon and Hellegouarch in prison to convince him that Farid was still alive when he was wrong …

Civil parties want clarification. "We have not lost hope that we know where Farida is buried," explains Corinne Herrmann, lawyer Jean-Pierre & # 39; and Hellegouarch. Do not admit to other crimes. "Some will use the audience to take it on other files, already the prognostic Grégory Vavasseur, Michel Fourniret is enigmatic, so it's not out of the question that he provides some clues, but he always told me he had nothing to do with the disappearance of Estelle Mouzin."

Because she is a girl who disappeared in 2003 in Guermantes (Seine-et-Marne), who will be in the memory of everyone during this process. Michel Fourniret has always denied his involvement in his disappearance. And the last excavations have done nothing. But researchers also know that all records are interrelated.

A pair of Sautou Fourniret castles were bought by Belgian pharmacists after the discovery of two bodies buried in the field.
A pair of Sautou Fourniret castles were bought by Belgian pharmacists after the discovery of two bodies buried in the field. – F.NASCIMBENI / AFP

If the murder of Farida Hammiche is the only non-sexual crime recognized by Fournireta, it is particularly the one that allowed him to finance fifteen years of rapes and murders. Thanks to the "hair" mage, the garden and his wife actually offered a C15 van, which was supposed to remove its victims from the age of 12 to 31, especially the Sautou castle in the Ardennes, where two bodies were dug out 14 years ago.

The verdict should be issued by the Assize Court of Yvelines on Friday evening.

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Monique Olivier's regrets

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