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Mayors organize congresses in the absence of the Macron

PARIS (Reuters) – The Congress of French mayors opens on Tuesday in Paris with the noticeable absence of Emmanuel Macron and tensions between "tired" politicians and the power of annoying "lack of will" dialogue of elected representatives.

Emmanuel Macron, who promised to "come every year to report" in the name of the "spirit of responsibility", will not be present at the end and will be replaced by his Prime Minister Edouard Philippe &, on Thursday, Porte de Versailles.

The head of state will, however, receive Wednesday at 17:30 in Elysee, the office of the French Association of Mayors (AMF) and intergovernmental presidents before the adoption of the mayors of France in the evening, the opportunity according to Elysee, and for "direct exchange" with city councilors.

"If we do, we will come, it seems quite obvious," they denounced David Lisnard, the mayor (Republicans) of Cannes and the vice-president of the French Mayors Association (AMF), in France on Monday. "In the current context, these are brands that create distrust, an impression perhaps lacking contempt and arrogance."

"I will not go to Elysee" on Wednesday, he continued, "because I do not want to be a party in a communication operation, regardless of the president."

Last year, the head of the state, which was already whistled before the AMF during the presidential campaign, was announced after arriving at the Congress, where he confirmed the abolition of the housing tax on 80% of households.

This measure is one of the points of constant tension between the executive and the local officials, some of whom have been condemned since the beginning of the five-year period of Emmanuel Macron "unilateral decisions", "bad manners and bad methods".


In a year and a half, unlike relations with departments and regions that have experienced the beginnings of improvement in recent weeks, the links between the AMF under the leadership of François Baroin (LR) and the executive are still strained.

"Dialogue must be two", said on Sunday in France 3 Minister for Cohesion of Territories and Relations with local authorities Jacqueline Gourault. "The association of mayors of France, or at least its president and vice-president, has not shown a willingness to dialogue with the government."

Speech by Edouard Philippe on Thursday will be thoroughly investigated in this context, including potential announcements to compensate for the abolition of a housing tax or local tax reform, promised last year by Emmanuel Macrona for 2020.

A few days before arriving, Edouard Philippe tried Sunday in France 2 to reduce tension, saying that it is certain that there will be an exchange with mayors[it] very well, because the mayors are elected, determined, but also respecting their fellow citizens. "

Emmanuel Macron sent a letter to mayors on November 16, in which he pays homage to selected officials, "artisans of the transformation of the country" and defends actions taken from the beginning of his five-year term.

"On November 23, 2017, I made a lot of promises to you by making a promise every year, this is the word that I personally venerate today writing to each of you." Can we read this e-mail made public on Monday by Elysee?

"My first promise was to preserve your financial resources, today it is done," he continues. "The general operational equipment of the communes will be kept for the second year in a row".

In the face of concerns expressed by the mayors, the head of state confirms that the abolition of the housing tax will be "compensated euro", without specifying the details of how the management intends to achieve this.

It remains to be seen whether these new commitments will suffice to calm down elected officials in the midst of "mental fatigue" in the face of "ever higher expectations of citizens," according to a Cevipof study published last Thursday.

According to the same study, almost every second mayor considers "resignation from the electoral mandate", and those who were elected for the first time in 2014, take into account 60%.

(Marine Pennetier, from Jean-Baptiste Vey, ed. Yves Clarisse)

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