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"Masked singer": squirrel discovered, find out who was hiding behind

After Marie-José Perek last week, the second person hiding behind a mask was unveiled this Friday night, in "Mask Singer", the new TF1 show. Theito didn't even think about it.

Twelve celebrities sing, disguised as animals, in spectacular costumes and in complete anonymity. This is the concept of "Singer Mask" which is a hit all over the world. In France also for the first issue last Friday of TF1. At the end of the show, the person who is least attractive to the jury and the spectators on the board must remove the mask and reveal his face. This was the case of three-time Olympic champion Marie-José Perek a week ago.

Six figures competed this Friday: bee, lion, cake, dino, peacock and squirrel. Viewer Purpose: Recognize a person only through his or her voice. The voice was lowered only when the person answering the questions of the animator, Camille Campbell and the jury, appointed investigators: Keev Adams, Alessandra Sublet, Angjun and Ryeri. Bee against lion, cake against dino and peacock against squirrel: three duels were organized. The three less convincing figures had to sing again before the final selection of the set.

Finally it is the designated squirrel. After her performance ended on the air of Adjacent Aya Nakamura, jury members were convinced that Chantal Goya or Dorote hid behind a mask. For his second appearance, the squirrel had to interpret Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance". Tharito was then referring to comedians Julie Fierier and Chantal Ladesu, children's singer Chantal Goya or singer Annie Cordy.

To the surprise of the jury, viewers and viewers discover the true identity of the celebrity behind it: it was … singer Sheila!

Indices of other persons

Ten more individuals remain to be discovered. They will be on Friday night in the coming weeks TF1.

For the bee, the jury hesitates between singer Joyce Athonathan and humorist Florence Forrest. For the lion, investigators first thought of boxer Brahim Aslamoum and swimmer Camille Lacourt before switching to a second appearance: Teddy Rainer's Miracle, TV presenter Maglaur, or Miracle's David Dwight. As for the cup, the jury considered skate Suriya Bonali, swimmer Lore Manaudu or footballer Amandine Henry. Quite a different choice after the second appearance: they can be Zenati Streets, Natasha Saint Pierre, Veronique Di Cairo or Zaz.

Dino could be journalist Harry Rosselmak or TV hosts Arthur, Laurent Boyer or Philip Manevar. The peacock, meanwhile, could hide actor William Canet, Alert to Malibu comedian David Harvett or Jeananne Dujardin. Suggestions made by the researchers through mini-portraits published before the performance of the candidates hiding clues.

Is it a jury? Are you wrong? Response in the coming weeks …

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