Saturday , September 19 2020

Marseille: one dead, five injured by firearms in Kalashnikov shooting


One man was killed and five others were wounded in a shooting Sunday night in Marseille, at around 10pm, in the city of Rosier, in the 14th arsonization of Marseille, La Provence reports.

The shooting took place in front of a grocery store where young people from the neighborhood are used to it. Thirty cases were found on the spot, 7.62 caliber, indicating that the fugitive sniper (s) were armed with Kalashnikovs. Two vehicles were found crowded with bullets, with husband De Sain-Mart specifying the regional daily.

Nothing is currently available to say whether it is about settling drug trafficking accounts or the result of rivalry between rival gangs, insisted Marseille's prosecutor Xavier Tarabeks, saying the investigation was entrusted to judicial police.

Information on the identity and possible legal obligations of the victims, one of whom was in his twenties, is not yet available. The vital prognosis of the five injured, hospitalized in Lavender, Timone and Nord hospitals, will not be engaged.

Already ten killed in settlement of accounts

The city of Rosier was already the scene of an assault on September 15, with eight men, aged 22 to 40, wounded in three separate cases. Five of them were hit by gunfire as part of a rival gang brawl, just meters from the city's bars, near St Barthelemy's in McDonald's, in the Seine-Mart neighborhood.

Since the beginning of the year, ten people have died in the outcome of the Bush-du-Rhонne election, including seven in Marseille. If the settlement thesis is confirmed in Sunday night's shooting, it would be the eleventh death in these circumstances.

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