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Marche contre l'Islamophobie: 5 questions about how to divide


MANIFESTATION – Depending on the manifesto and appeal to the Paris manifesto, there is a 10-minute deadline for "STOP to Islamophobia", initially launched by a variety of different horizons personalities, to see the context within which these terms apply. . Here are some of the parties or associations of certified signatories, the photographer is here. Voici pourquoi.

De quoi parle-t-on?

Reaction to related events (Bayonne mosque attenuation, humidification by a single RN family of scalar species with a Bourgogne-Franche-Comté regional console …), personalized designs via a public tribune par Libération et Mediapart the 1 November marker, signifying a communal app to manifest the 10 November marker in Paris about "STOP to Islamophobia" and the "grand stigmatization" of Muslims.

What is the origin of the assembly?

Comes precisely in the public tribune published by the two media, "this app was initiated by Madjid Messaoudene (Saint-Denis); The Collective Confronting Islamophobia (CCIF); The Nouveau Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA); The Comité Adama; La Plateforme Les Musulmans; L'Union communiste libertaire (UCL); L'Union National des Etudiants de France (Unef); et Taha Bouhafs (journalist). "

Au-delà, here are some of the premiere highlights that have been attained: Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the assembly of La France insoumé parliamentary group, Benoit Hamon, EELV european Yannick Jadot, the syndicalist Philippe Martinez (CGT ), by journalist Edwy Plenel, by Gilet, by Jérôme Rodrigues, by humorist Yassine Belattar, by EELV de Paris senator Esther Benbassa, by feminist militant Caroline De Haas, international football champion Vikash Dhorasoo, journalist and reality journalist, the Fianso chanteur, the port of parcel of Atac Aurélie Trouvé…

Pourquoi un tel rassemblement?

In the tribune, the signatories seem to be attentive to the situation of Muslims in France. Not displayed on current events and on a general climate that, eux selves, registers in the Hexagone Dept. longtemps, but it is not clear afterwards: "Islamophobia in France is real." Let the moment live without the dictionnaire. "Islamophobie: hostile envers l'islam, les musulmans", indique le Larousse. Or, aujourd'hui, is the only term that can be found in the gauche party, initially favorable to the idea of ​​a rally for the Muslims of France.

Pourquoi le rassemblement du 10 november divise-t-il?

In addition to the concept of assembly and manifestation, the presence of the initiators of the CCIF march, accreditation of Muslims with the Muslim fringes, international organization for the promotion of Islamic politics, and terms employed in the tribune du 1er novembre qui provocati la discorde au se des milieux de gauche. Also, proposed by CCIF, Alexis Corbière, double LFI, a-t Le Figaro qu'il pensait quo "la Ligue des droits de l'homme était à l'initiate de demarche".

Au sein de la France Insoumise, the debates that font plus vifs encore the cause of the term "Islamophobia". "On the droit of the Islamophobe (…) Revanche, on the droit of the homosexuals or the women of the parish who are Muslim," reads the statement by the philosopher Henri Peña-Ruiz. 'Universe d'été du movement, in short, such as Jean-Luc Mélenchon's lui-méme, avait dit peu ou prou la méme chose in November 2015 via a tweet: "You're contesting the term Islamophobie. On a leap droit de ne pas aimer l 'islam comme on a le droit de ne pas aimer le catholicisme. "

In the meantime, Clementine Autain has just finished contesting this vision of Henri Peña-Ruiz as journalist Taha Bouhafs, who is also the initiator of the March 10 issue, as Jean-Luc Mélenchon seems to be the rapporteur of his electorate in the quartiers. of 2015: "Beaucoup of militants insists on quartiers on an ultimatum to move", estime-t-il auprès de l 'AFP.

Reconnaissance "Dentist" chews Insoumis into its journals, Arnaud Le Gall, a cadre of gauche party, composer of the LFI, not only after all but in dance and polished music: "On the south a minority of people. manière inacceptable, on a non-existent au prétexte qu'un mot nous gne. "

The chef of La France's file insists Jean-Luc Mélenchon a confirmation on November 9 that the participant in the manifesto opposed to Islamophobia, leading to Marine Le Pen's response to the accusation of "main dance" main with Islamists ". "As you are a participant, sign a text", indicating the patron of the insoumées, interrupted by the press in Marseille, preventing a march to victory over the effects of the rue d'Aubagne, il ya un an.

Really, the "racism of the day in the Notre Days" was dismissed in the tribunal – not valid after the "text box" in the mardi sur statement France Info ; other preference divergences present at the same signage – Yannick Jadot added more accents and more experience, by this time of November 10, to alert the public to the danger of a national communal party. the bouc-émissaire de notre société ".

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Et le PS dans tout what?

As one of the major parties of the gauche party on this tribunal sign, this is what is left to be the responsibility of the Socialist Party to sign this appeal. Such, as Olivier Faure, in the Premier's secretariat, will have a profound effect on discouragement, responsive to indigenous socialist direction.AFP : "Nouveau louvers beguile against discrimination against muslims even if they are not engaged. On the other hand, there is no such thing as Islamophobia, and a segment of the population sous cette bannière."

Cité par Public Sénat to sort out the Jewish reunion of the Socialist group of the Senate, a Socialist senator résumé the majority of the party and the parties to the March 10 proposal: "On the passage of la Repubblica et de la l'accité, to the definition of a religious community. More than one climate against Muslims which is irresponsible at the moment, the manifest manifesto, that is the most casse-gueule ".

Finally, the Socialist Party offered a communiqué that did not address the issue: "Nouveau riche, without the help of certifiers of the initiator of the appeal", indi cate the PS, but not reconstitute "dance" the motors of the wheel which represent the loops in the form of 'liberticides'. "

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