Sunday , June 20 2021

Maëva Coucke, the world's first Miss World 2018: France joins the Top 30

Maëva Coucke does not intend to miss the Miss World title 2018.

Currently in full preparation for the Sanya match in China (remember that the grand final will be held on December 8th!), Our Miss France 2018 just released the very good news: she won the Top Model Challenge. France is already confident that it will be among the 30 finalists of the match!

It's on Instagram that our beautiful Maëva Coucke made this article. She smiled: "Friends who just finished a Modern Challenge and have good news, I won! Wouhou! So, France is the first country to qualify for the Top 30. I'm still under emotion because it's huge to tell me it's there, I'll be able to defend the colors of France in the Top 30. In any case, I wanted to congratulate everyone other candidates who were very beautiful, who worked very well. I give big kisses in all countries!"

Of course, Sylvie Télière, who was preparing to fly to Mauritius with 30 candidates for Miss France 2019, quickly recorded the cheerful message of her protégé, followed by Camille Cerf (Miss France 2015). The second commented on the Instagram story: "Congratulations on Mayova! She is one of the thirty most beautiful women in the world, whom we already know, she goes should be continue to vote and support it."

Asked a few weeks ago about her preparation for the Miss World contest, Maëva Coucke told our colleagues TV Entertainment : "For my preparation, I have a sports coach, an English trainer and makeup, a hairdresser and catwalk. There is also the preparation of our video, it is necessary to raise a charity project, a reason that supports"For the reason she supports her, Miss France 2018 also revealed that she wants to continue her commitment to breast cancer."I always stay in the same line that I have already chosen well before Miss France. I made this choice, because my mother had one a few years ago, so I really want to go on in this direction"she explained.

Go Maeva!

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