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Macron on Tuesday will announce the new course!

The Elysee Palace on Thursday evening said that Emanuel Macron will announce the new course of ecological transition next Tuesday, as well as new aid measures. "Yellow vests" are waiting for announcements for fuel taxation.

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( – Would the executive be bent on its position in response to the challenge of "yellow vests"? While the latter are preparing for a new demonstration Saturday in Paris, the executive said on Thursday evening that Emanuel Macron will announce new measures next Tuesday.

Elisey said the president of the republic next Tuesday announced a new course on environmental transition, which would include new aid measures, as well as negotiations across the whole territory to make this transition "affordable and democratic".

"We heard the message of the citizens"

On Monday, the bill for mobility (LOM) must be presented to the Council of Ministers, and then on Tuesday, the President of the Republic will announce an announcement for the presentation of energy choices as part of the Multi-annual Energy Program (EPP). On this occasion, elections on the future of nuclear energy will be presented, as the government has worked on three alternative scenarios.

"We have heard the message of the citizens and invites us to go further so that it is not socially unacceptable, the ecological transition, which is necessary, must be fair, just and democratic," said Thursday evening. The Elysian. President's advisors do not detail the measures that could be announced next Tuesday, or whether they could include shifts in environmental taxation of fuels, the main target of Angela's anger over the high cost of fuels.

"There will be money, debate and method"

However, Elisey said that "the ecological transition will be with the citizens, there will be money, debate and method". In particular, the president should disclose new aid measures, as well as the opening of negotiations, including environmental taxes, as well as the "social pact" method and territorial negotiations for their implementation. efficient and decentralized way.

Among the measures already announced are the assistance for thermal renovation of buildings, support for new mobility, development of renewable energies and change of heating systems. Regarding fuels, the government announced last week's measures to help the modest French (increased conversion rate, increased energy audit …), which were not enough to calm the anger of "Notes from the Yellow".

Francois Bayru proposes to modulate carbon tax for the harsh price

In an interview published in Figaro on Thursday, Francois Bayruu proposed to the President of the Republic to adopt a "more progressive pace" to increase carbon tax on fuels. MoDem's president, who supported Emanuel Macron during his presidential campaign, urged the executive to "think" before raising this tax next January (+6.5 cents is expected on diesel and +2.9 cents on gasoline ).

The centrist leader proposed a "modification of taxes based on the price of a barrel" of oil, in order to avoid the cost of the pump suffering "fluctuations too much punishment" for drivers. "The next phase of fuel tax increase is scheduled for January, so we need to think about it, maybe we have not thought enough of a" progressive one, "he added.

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