Saturday , October 23 2021

Macron, "he is not obsessed with polls," he says he has a five-year term


Emmanuel Macron says he "is not obsessed with polls," in which he has fallen in recent months, recalling that his term is "five years" and that he supports "necessary" reforms. "I have a five-year term and I am not obsessed with polls," said the French president on Saturday in an interview with CNN.

The popularity rating fell to 21%, the lowest since the beginning of its term. According to a recent wave of polls, the popularity of the head of the state has fallen below the threshold of 30% of favorable opinion. In the latest, published Thursday (YouGov for HuffPost and CNews) drops to 21%, the lowest level since the beginning of the five-year period. "It is an absolute truth that my polls have dropped because I have gone through very unpopular reforms and guess what: I was chosen precisely because all my predecessors failed or decided not to carry out these reforms." he insists on the president who believes that these reforms are "necessary" and that his "task is not to stop".

"The situation is certainly less favorable than a year ago." This is not a big surprise for me – adds Emmanuel Macron, who is convinced that he can carry out his reforms and note that some of those already carried out are considered "completely impossible".

Metaphor of his pair with the situation of France. After interviewing journalist CNN Fareeda Zakaria about his meeting, at the age of 16, with Brigitte Macron, 24 years older than the older, the head of the state drew attention to the situation in the country. "You referred to my past, I spent many years without the respect of many people (…) even with people whom I loved, who did not fully understand what I was doing because it was sincere because I agreed with myself and never I did not stop, they recognized it and accepted it. " "So, personally, I strongly believe that the French are gradually recognizing (…) that we are doing what is best for the country," adds Emmanuel Macron.

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