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MacBook Pro 13 "2019: New at Refurbished Price

The 13 MacBook Pro went down at the price of Amazon, which puts it in competition with the one sold at Apple Refurbished. This is the range published in July and is a few euros near the best price practiced by the sign of this article.

Configuration with the 1.4 GHz Core i5 quad-core, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD is at € 1 519, while it puts the refurbishment at € 1 489. To locate, it's an average savings of € 250 compared to nine in the Apple Store.

If the storage capacity of 128 GB seems to be sufficient, the same model is at 1.350 euros on Amazon. Because once the refurbishment is slightly improved, the configuration costs € 1,269 (versus Apple's € 1,499).

Another benefit of the upgrade is that it has optional features (512 GB SSD) or other processor not available on Amazon.

Saving that can be used for a 13 "Apple Amazon leather case is a bit cheaper too. From € 199, the navy blue version is € 170 and the Havana color version is € 171.

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