Wednesday , July 28 2021

Luane and Florian Rossi: The first red carpet for the couple at the NRJ Music Awards

If we are more accustomed to celebrities formalizing their relationship in public before we give birth to a baby, Luan and his companion Florian Rossi do as they see fit. After disabling his Instagram account for many months, the artist made an audible comeback, revealing the birth of his daughter Esme last March. We had to wait for the release of his new album, Joy of living, and the NRJ Music Awards Ceremony, December 5, 2020, for Luan to formalize his couple in proper form, posing together Florian Rossi on the red carpet of the event.

On that occasion, the awards ceremony was moved to the Paris region, according to the Covid-19 crisis. Luan hoped to return with the French-speaking Artist of the Year trophy. Award won by Aya Nakamura. Also nominated for the cost of the evening’s performance, Luan paid tribute to Mr. Pokora. In any case, she was able to count on the support of her man, Florian Rossi, who was by her side to support her.

For the ceremony, Luan wore a creation by the British designer French OR, darling of Lily Allen. Described as “wearable art”, the house borrowed a short dress made of silver squares. Definitely a disco look. For her performance, Luan swapped her light dress for another Dior short dress, black and pro transparent with thrills.

On social media, many people find it essential to comment on your figure rather than your performance. Once again a victim of grossophobia, her fans defended her defense, recalling that she had recently given birth to a child. “Are you aware that she gave birth a few months ago? “, 1 she is beautiful, and 2 she has a child, you are really bad!“, We can read the day after the ceremony on Twitter.

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