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Lifestyle Magazine MacDo and plastic straws, it's over

McDonald's French subsidiary announces today, September 24, its commitment to a key step towards its ecological conversion. And must have a soda drinking tool, plastic straw is now in the last hours. Not that Makdo's customers will now have to drink by the glass, but instead they will get natural straw from authorized wood.

The US giant said it took months of research and development to develop this innovation, especially for cold beverages. Because the jackals will no longer be covered with plastic. And this will apply to all three drink formats.

To accompany this transformation, McDonald's has been working on a humorous campaign detailing the drinking steps with these new supplements. "Get the glass in your left hand, right, fibrous, manicured, whatever," the post said directly on the containers.

Remember that the Happy Meal cups or boxes are made of paper and cardboard. Since the beginning of the year, 90% of disposable packaging has been produced in these materials. By the end of the year, the percentage will increase to 96%.

"These results are part of our packaging optimization strategy and reinforce our environmental policy, which aims to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 35% by 2030," explains Delphin Smagg, senior vice president of the company. President of McDonald's France.

In 2010, an energy plan was introduced to reduce energy consumption in restaurants. In 2018, more than 7,500 tonnes of cooking oil and 450 tonnes of plastic film and 15,000 tonnes of shipping boxes were recycled.

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