Friday , August 14 2020

Les banques européennes annoncent 44.000 suppressions d'emplois

The Société Générale has a superprimer of 3,500 posts. – ALLILI MOURAD / SIPA

A number of European banks have reported a surplus of more than 44,000.
posts, confirming the passage that differs from that which crosses a sector confronting auxiliary bases and auxiliary political-commercial tensions. Dernières annonces en date, celles vendredi de
Société générale et Commerzbank. There are certain certifications, including futures, to compensate for these coupons.

General Société is one of the premiers, in 2015, announcing the launch of its flagship radio show in France, face-to-face with the emergence of digital agendas and viruses. Between 2016 and 2020, the General Society, which employs more than 147,000 people, has a suppression program of 3,450 posts. The 530 posts suppressions of mail in the French network, provided by syndicates, with no more than 1,600 suppressions reported in April.

En Allemagne, what not to do

In one of two more annexes, Commerzbank, the deuxième bank is reported to have suppressed the suppression of 4,300 emissaries in the world and 200 agencies. Parallel, with 2,000 compte créer emplois. In 2016, this announcement came with a reductions plan of 9,600 posts in the 2020 horizon which is a bouquet.

At the premiere banquet, Deutsche Bank announces its debut plus a major restructuring plan for its sonar with the suppression of 18,000 employs by 2022. It is now available, with over 6,000 post offices. Deutsche Bank, which is not the only remittance of the 2008 financial crisis, has concentrated on concentrating on Europe and the United States in the banking and financial markets, as well as plans to expand the opportunity.

Les Britanniques tirent la langue

HSBC's British bancaire announces the release of John Flint's surprise surprise, a couple of days after his son arrives, and a suppression of 4,000 emploisers. La Barclays, next to most of the results in the scent, mined by Etats Unis et son pays, is due in 2018. Debut here, with an expected top 3,000 posts in the 2019 trimester et vouloir augmenter the reduction of these coils.

Finished first in the French franchise, BNP Paribas confirmed the suppression of environments by 20% of its subtitle conservation effects in France, with a reduction of 446 to 546 posts in 2021. In March, BNP Paribas Fortis, as a subsidiary of Belgian, has over 40% confirmed number of agents and 2,200 quadruple suppressors. In Italy, the bank in Lancet is a depot plan planned for retirement, reducing the effects of the 1,500 posts on the 2021 horizon.

Santander espagnole banque announces the suppression of 10% of these effects in Spain, with over 3,200 people. This restructuring is the consensus of the absorption in 2017 of rival Banco Popular. The CaixaBank espionage tricycle has been negotiated with syndicates of a flight plan that suppresses more than 2,000 posts by the end of 2020.



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