Monday , June 14 2021

Legrand acquires innovative Netatmo company – Limoges (87,000)

Thermostat and connected smoke detector, smart cameras and weather station: created in 2011, Netatmo became one of the French flagships of new technologies in six years. Based in Boulogne-Billancourt, it employs 225 people, including 130 responsible for research and development and generates EUR 45 million turnover.

While Legrand usually favors acquisitions abroad to increase its market share, a strategic takeover for the company CAC 40 based in Limoges should enable its development in one sector – Internet of Things (IoT). Where it has been so far, less visible.

"Accelerate the development of our combined high value offers."

"Legrand is pleased to welcome Netatmo teams, whose talent and dynamics have been enjoyed by particularly successful co-creation, as demonstrated by the successful premieres of Celiane Netatmo and Living Now with Netatmo." DoGo still with Netatmo. "The combined knowledge of Legrand and Netatmo in the field of the Internet of Things will accelerate the development our combined offers with high added value, "said Benoît Coquart, Group General Manager.

Celiane with Netatmo was presented at the beginning of 2017 at CES in Las Vegas, the world's largest technology program. " The takeover of Netatmo by Legrand is an expression of the promise of a smart home and our ambition to ensure that our solutions are adopted by as many customers as possible. Our teams will continue to develop new products and update existing products with the same care to provide our users with the best comfort at home, "said Fred Potter, founder and president of Netatmo.

«Strengthen the presence of Legrand
on the smart home market »

"The acquisition of Netatmo, whose brand will be part of the Group's portfolio, will allow Legrand to strengthen its presence on the smart home market and accelerate the development of the Eliot combined solutions program," reads the release. Press Release. This acquisition, the fifth year for Legrand, will allow the group to "enrich its offer with new product categories connected to the home" and "expand its database of products combined through 1.3 million Netatmo active products", adds the Legrand press release.

The acquisition also strengthens the Legrand R & D sector. "Netatmo engineers will equip Legrand R & D teams with knowledge about artificial intelligence, software integration and user experience," says the Legrand management team. Fred Potter will also become the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Legrand's Eliot program and contribute to the design of the combined Legrand and Netatmo solutions.

Sebastien Dubois

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