Saturday , June 19 2021

League 1: The head of Mediaapro does not want to sell the rights (press) – League 1 2018-2019 – Football

The head of the Spanish group Mediapro, Jame Rures, who in the spring gained most of the rights to the League 1, guarantees that he is not ready to resell and expects 4 million subscribers to be profitable, in an interview Tuesday Le Figaro. "We reject the idea of ​​insufficient licensing of some of our rights"explained the group's chief who created a surprise to buy the rights to League 1 for the period 2020-2024 against almost 800 million euros at the expense of Canal +, which currently owns them.

"If we re-read some of Canal +'s rights, for example, we will impoverish the supply of our own channel and that's not a goal"added the Catalan businessman, who admitted that the price of the subscription to 25 euros per month could fall."I mentioned the price of 25 euros for me on our channel, which is a simple calculation of the price paid for the rights and the tank of 3 million subscribers. But if we manage to attract more subscribers, the price can be reduced"he explained.

Chain 7/7, 24 hours a day

According to the figures of Jaume Roures, the channel will be in balance with 3.5 million subscribers. "And with 4 million, we will be profitable," he said.

Mediapro won the best posters of the French championship, under the nose and beard of Canal + that aired since 1984. The French subsidiary of the Spanish group intends to propose a new channel, with "continuous programming seven days a week, 24 hours a day".

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