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Le choc des box premium: compare Livebox 5 with all these competitors, dont the Freebox Delta

Le choc des box premium: compare Livebox 5 with all these competitors, dont the Freebox Delta

Orange offers more than just the premium box, the Livebox 5 and Universal Freebox offer a comparable range of premium extras, such as the ones available on the Freebox Delta sorting list.

Presque is one of the free boxes in the free box, Orange is the one in the Livebox 5 and it is tempting to compare a set of premium rates offered by the quartet of operators, each with its own evolving chip. There are no bookings that are included with the options available and available for checkout on October 10, 2019, with the rates proposed at that date.

There are currently no pet exemptions for Box 8 of the SFR, which is available as an option as there is only one partial box. Nous mentionnerons donc en souligné All enhancements are provided by this SFR THD Premium.

Opérateur /






Freebox Delta

Livebox Up Fiber

SFR THD Premium

Bbox Ultym


€ 49.99/ mois + Player at 10 € / mois or up to 480 €
(The player is acheté et appartient à l'abonné)

After d'engagement

35.99 € /mois pendant 1 or puis 49.99€ par mois

1 or d'engagement

Location Livebox incluse

38 €/ mois pendant un an puis 53 €/ mois

engagement 12 mois

Location box incluse (Ou + 5 € / mo for Box 8)

€ 22.99 by pendant 12 months ago 41.99 €/ mois

Engagement 1 or

Location box incluse

Service desk / Resilience desk

Frais de mise en service offerts

Resilience Profiles: 49 €

Nouveau client: 40 € d'activation

Resilience Profiles: 50 €

Delivery service: 39 €

Resilience Profiles:49 €

29 € frais de mise en service

Resilience Profiles: 59 €

Débit théorique maximum

8Gb / s
600 Mb / s

2Gb / s per partition
600Mb / s

1Gb / s
400Mb / s

1Gb / s
500 Mb / s


Appels unlimited for mobile and fix France metropolitan and DOM (+ of 110 destinations internationally)

Apps are limited to France metropolitan and DOM fixes (plus 100 international destinations) and mobile metropolitan France, DOM, USA and Canada

Phone unlimited for France Post Metropolitan, and for France Post Metropolitan and DOM mobile

(plus 100 international destinations)

Apps are limited to metropolitan France fixtures and furniture; d'Europe (Suisse incluse) et DOM

(+ plus 110 destinations)

Bouquet TV

TV By Canal Panorama (+ of 50 Chaines)

Freebox TV
(600 chines dont 220 incluses)

Forfait Netflix essentiel inclus

100 Replays

Jusqu'à 160 chines incluses

Une trentaine de chaines en Replay

260 Chaines incluses

Replay Services (not specified)

191 chaines

31 chains of Replay incluses

Services / equipments

Abonnement LeKiosk inclus

Compatible with Somfy et Philips Hue

Abonnement Youboox One jusqu'au premier janvier 2020

Integration of virtual machines

Service maison connectée available on activation

Cinéday: 1 place of cinema achetée, a place offeredte tous les mardis.

Stockage Cloud 1000 Go

TV on smartphone application / Tablette et PC

Avec la Box 8:

WiFi 6

Android TV

Abonnement LeKiosk

Bonus to choose from: Canal + Series, a 4G with 20Go plus, Bouquet TV Bbox Jeunesse or Playzer


Battery for Devialet Dolby 5.1
Vocal Assistant Alexa et OK Freebox


Décodeur 4K

Compatible Dolby Atmos
Option to register on demand


Décodeur 4K

100 heures of registrations inclus


Avec la Box 8:

Vocal Assistant SFR

Compatible Dolby Atmos et Dolby Vision


Enceinte intégrée

Google Assistant integrated

Décodeur 4K
Enregistreur TV 128 Go


Also, in terms of pure pure (and no options available) on the Livebox nouvelle package after beaucoup plus quauparavant. As with debit, the bandwidth of 2Gbit / s in descending frequency and 600 Mbit / s in ascendant, and the ecological aspect of the box, are retransmitted with one or more of these services included. The notebook is compatible with Dolby's atmospheres on its son player and runs on amelioration techniques such as intelligent Wi-Fi, which requires attentive clients. It is also not intended to be disruptive or off-label, just off-label, with a plus plus power and a recyclable box.

Free Moto Pack Open Up Fiber from Orange, Free Combo Delta / Free Mobile

Orange propose for one pack Forfait fixe + Mobile, dont leave the prize with mobile subscription. It is not uncommon to see a tariff comparison with the availability of combinatorics available on Freebox and Free Mobile. Pour rappel, like a Freenaute optex for Freebox Delta with one of its players up to 48 months, will have an actual price of 59.99 € per month. A cell, which offers a mobile limited edition for 15.99 € per month, with a total charge of 75.98 € / mo. Pour a substantially equivalent amount (at 150Go of the proposed data), the operator charges a fee of 114.99 € / mo with a reduction of 80.99 € per annum premiere and an engagement of one. A prize difference that fits in a portfolio, as well as a promotion for the next premiere.

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