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Larruso has "a lot of trouble" for Offley Winter … Who stole his boyfriend!

Lauruso is no longer on stage, but continues to live on his music. It touches on financial rents that last more than twenty years for a song that wasn't originally his! The title was originally interpreted by singer Regin in the early 80s, and was later taken over by Larruso. Ranked number one as soon as it was released in France, this well-known song allowed its second artist to be certified as a diamond disc, and to sell more than 2 million copies. Also ranked first for twelve consecutive weeks, the title allowed Larouso to accumulate tremendous wealth, though he did not want to be included in the amount.

Unfortunately, that is not the case with her colleague Offley Winter, who has been homeless for several weeks. Both 90s stars have a responsibility together. While marrying, Lauruso left her future husband, who would prefer to join the Ophelia Winters arms. Larruso recently entrusted himself with this difficult transition of his life in the Gala columns.

“I loved him. She called me, but I wasn't ready to listen to her at the time. Thank you today for wondering if you finally made a contribution … " The man in question admitted: "I explained to Laetitia Lauruso that I did not want to continue our relationship, as my feelings for her were not strong enough. […] Shortly after this breakup, I met a woman I loved, and I was perfectly free to live in a new relationship. "

Larruso mentioned today the sad situation of Ofeli Winter: "I think the most painful thing is not the material, but the feeling of being abandoned. I remain convinced that she has the moral resources to get it. " No more dissatisfaction …

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