Saturday , September 26 2020

La France, première mais pas til de serie? – Football


Malgré son succès en Albany (2-0) internationally as the first place finisher in Group H, leaving France with no relegation after six seasons in the tournament.

L'essentiel is sauf pour les Bleus. Match to two victories against two elimination matches, face to Moldova and Albania, the Didier Deschamps teams, assisted by a match conceded by Turkey face to Island (0-0), ont has effectively deconstructed the premiere place of group H. Trois almost excelled in the scoreless draw at the Stade de France (2-1), where the Tricolores have doubled their lead, score, in Albania (0-2) and on scales. left pole.

Les Français is on the verge of becoming an embargo on the status of a serial leap for Belgrade. Emergency for the first six months of the premiere of the groups and virtually no series is coming, Bleus is looking to finalize the content of Chapter 2. The match will be canceled by Ukraine in Serbia ( 2-2) to finish the match against the Ukraine's devancer Ukraine.

Angleterre is traditionally traded to Kosovo (4-0), with Bleus emigrating to play at the top of the list of top-ranked finishers more than doubled by Spain and Albania as two cadors. the respective respectable face to Roumanie and Ireland du Nord. Qui vaudrait aux champions du monde tricolores septième meilleur premier et donc placer en chapeau 2 en du du circulant prévou 30 november prochain.

In the wake of the floods, Bleus is about to fall into disrepair with a particular exemplar with the exemplar of Albania, Portugal and Turkey under its own program …

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