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Kita renvoie l'OM dans les cordes

Entre Valentin Rongier et l'Olympique de Marseille, tout semble réglé. The joust encounters a repertoire of which the clairvoyant exits to a partition to Canebière and conforms to the earlier phocene formation. Sauf qu'entre l'OM et le FC Nantes, les positions sont très éloignées. Pour rappel, Canaris, with a retail price tag of 30 M €, the final price for a single tourney of around 20 M €. There is a fee to be paid for the finances of the Marseille club. Irresponsible (on the ground) in this story, Rongier's devoir rises to the top in malice.

Presented by press conferences, the FCN's president, Franck Kita, said the Canaris didn't seem to care about anything else. «Il y a eu beaucoup d'approches pour Valentin Rongier. Il a bon de sortie. The same is true of l'omproces de l'om, but it does not resonate with exigencies. Il y a d'autres clubs que Marseille. Let's not wait until we have the respect and don 't deal in the moment after that. Abdoulaye Touré is sollicité. There are also approvals, discussions between the parties at the end of the tour. The mercato est court mais encore long, plein de choses peuvent arriver. As the demands exited by the club are not respected, but not partially ».

Decided to court the jury to sort out the check, Kita adopted a classical posture in mercato, to save the club with a conservative voucher containing all the items … sauf en cas de très belle offre. "What we wanted to do was author Valentin Rongier after heureux. It is an excellent host, with an excellent professionnel and a grand homme. The faut saluer for the performance and the sound is welcome. Whats new in the ses envies dailers. L'idéal serait de garder Rongier et Abdoulaye Touré. S'il y a dpart, nous avons the options for the remplacer. The priority is to gardener these two jousting cadres. Ensuite, as I only satisfy all the parties, I just can't ». A suivre.

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