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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin formalize their wedding online!

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are in love with each other. And two doves formalized their marriage on social networks! MCE tells you more.

Hailey Baldwin changes its name to Instagram

Indeed, Hailey Baldwin changed his name to Instagram. She took this from her husband Justin Bieber. The official has no doubts about the love that two young people do.

The model proudly bears the name of Hailey Bieber. For now, she has not changed her name on other social networks. Hailey Baldwin remains on Twitter as well as on his official Facebook page. It also seems that it does not change its name to the level of law, but it should not be too long.

But nothing surprised his fans in this process. Indeed, Hailey Baldwin married Justin Bieber in September last year in New York, in court. Then they regained the marriage license. The model has never concealed the desire to accept the name of the future husband. This caused controversy. Officially, she was named Hailey Bieber, for commercial use, with a maiden name Hailey Baldwin.

On the side of Justin Bieber, the singer simply published the photo on his Instagram account. He formalized them by placing his photo in both hands. He put the legend: "My wife is amazing", just. His fans could also see the huge ring that Haliez wore in the catalog.


Indeed, the Canadian singer also announced his love under photographs of his beautiful. And besides, he seemed to be in shape because he posted some rather rude comments on Hailey's pictures on Instagram. Observing 15.4 million people, his fans reacted strongly to the news of Justin Bieber.

You could say that Hailey Baldwin has many chances. Justin Bieber repeatedly sent him very few compliments. In the latest publication, Justin Bieber simply commented: "You're too bad"He decided it was not enough and added another comment: "You turn Me On".

Justin Bieber loves to write such a small message under the photos of his beloved. In fact, the translator "What do you mean?" He has already commented on his other publication. Under the photo for the Pretty Little Things campaign he dropped: "Oh, fuck, it's so hot" !

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