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Johnny and David Hallyday: son blues


Listen to Boris Viana's The Complaint of Progress one more time; concentrate on Alain Souchon's "Sentimental crowd". In retrospect, which they impose on themselves, these wise observers, in short, the poets, sing the melancholy of a society that has been lost. In the impulsive, compulsive act of buying, they see great despair.

It is true that we have become consumer robots, which calms down a crowded shopping trolley, sprinters with bated breath at the beginning of sales, lovers of material vacuum, enjoying the upcoming Christmas. We collect millions of pixels of our cursed smartphones that nibble us time and spirit. We are voting for the one who promises us greater purchasing power, and our drawers are already closed.

"Money is a good servant and a bad master," according to the poet Horace.

Johnny Hallyday, bastard, we loved you

It's been almost a year since the death of Johnny & Hainday, but the legend is still moving. His posthumous album "My country is love" just crossed the million trumpets of those who designed it.

Legend is still moving, yes, and the smell of a scandal seller who also marked the life of a rocker. Instead of collecting his reorganized family, instead of trying to ruin the injuries of unbalanced life, before joining Presley, Hendrix and others, the idol committed irreparable regret.

Without a word of explanation, without a heart drawn on a sheet of paper, he crossed out his children with his will. They are haggard, the soul in mass, to ask a thousand questions about the truth of their father's feelings – this secret against them. Tormented by night who survived during the day. Who uses this negation?

The Boudou family, the Tuche clan from Hallyday

Father / son tete-a-tete

David Hallyday sings
David Hallyday sings 'My last letter' at NRJ Music Awards (Pierre Villard / NMA2018 / SI / Sipa)

Johnny Hallyday made his children devoid of soul. He recorded his collector's cars, his scattered villas, his massive furniture, his musical instruments, the cross of Christ and all his assets hidden in dark trusts to his blond widow, green eyes of predatory eagles under his lenses that make him look emerald.

Laeticia, the second Hallyday icon

A multi-composed family, now multi-folded, crumbling. He could – he should have – been at the dining room table, but on the glossy paper a bloody conflict was spreading. Disgusting.

While wealthy Laeticia strides on the hot sand of her purchasing power, her son-in-law, David Hallyday, sings her deep sadness. It does not demand an exotic beach, least races, a favorite star guitar or a family photo. He tries to mourn the funny guy who was his father, writing, composing, singing.

In "My last list", taken from the album "Last Scream", scheduled for December 7, she imagines the final letter that would leave him Johnny Hallyday in Jean-Philippe Smet. Like father-and-son, epistolary and life-saving tete-a-tete.

Because he has a high opinion of what the family represents, he asked his half-sister, Laura Smet, for not using her talents as a director in the service of the clip. Johnny Hallyday appears as a wolf. The song talks about the meaning of inheritance as a message and about the violence it is hallucinating.

Sophie Delassein

Sophie Delassein

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