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Joan Rieux eliminated Dance with the Stars: "I'm 85kg, nothing fits me"

An unwanted problem for this tenth season of Dance with the stars (TC1), sports journalist Joan Rieu signed on Saturday, October 19, 2019, his last appearance on the dance show. And, as always with a great smile and a lot of optimism, he drew a bow at the end of voices opposing the sublime Clara Morgane.

Asked by TV StarJoan Rieu has given several reassurances about his participation in this thrilling adventure. He did not hesitate to talk about his impressive weight loss: "Weighing 84kg, I was 105 at the beginning of the summer. I've lost 5 centimeters at the waist since the beginning of the adventure. I'm starting to see some small abs! I have to go buy clothes because I don't have something that suits me! I feel much better than at the beginning of my diet!"He exclaimed, always with humor.

Incredibly proud of his career, the lucky little man with glasses, aware of the fortunes he had, said he lived his adventure in complete freedom: "Given my level of dancing, we were destined to come in second premium. I lived seven weeks on human adventure, a well-intentioned program, a family. I am very happy!"He exclaimed before commenting on his latest dance, marked by a particularly strong emotion"There's nothing better than leaving one night like that. It's crazy to do farewell choreography with myself. We were alone in the world, in a bubble. It is invaluable!"

And if Joan Rieu still uses "on", it is because during this season he forms a fusion with Emmanuel Berne, his regular partner. The dancer, aware of the difficulty of her teammate, however, quickly embraced him and his eternal enthusiasm. So, from the beginning of the program, their complicity was really obvious. Today, L'Equipe TV reporter states: "It's an incredible meeting. I was the least good dancer on this adventure and she took me to fifth premium. She is a fantastic and admired dancer. There was incredible pedagogy. It allowed me to do half of the program. I wish him the best of luck in the coming months. The contest lasted a few weeks, but friendship is for life!"He concludes before discovering he is on holiday in Deauville with Emmanuel Bern and his boyfriend, car driver Chris Bunkcombe.

So let's wish for a long and unwavering friendship with the duo that has been sprouting the floor for five weeks!

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