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Jean-Luc Lahaye did not comment on how to make a statement

Strong emotion pour Jean-Luc Lahaye et son épouse Aurélie, le week-end dernier. What a fille Margaux a, in good condition, take a chute from the balcony to the stage of immeasurable. The information is unloaded by the magazine Closer qui affirmait que la jeune fille avait été "retrouvée nue et desorientée".

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The faults are not the exact part of the chip, which is a decode of the parole and the execution of the particulars that are actually produced in a diffused communication by the manager. "Margaux Lahaye is here for all three of us, in the light of the night. There is only 4 to 30 minutes to cover for all toilets. This apparatus is currently operating under management and not yet terminated. " est-il expliqué.

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"The ports of the toilets are a kind of vitrified coupling ports resembling extrusion to a vitrified bay. Margaux in the sommeil of the trompée de porte and the advanced of the relay of the vitre donn on a balcon qui, in the state, in the state after the possession of sonne garde fou. There is one set of two that have multiple contusions and fractures. There is a fracture in the plaque, which is reminiscent of a fracture in the anchor area without fracture, a fracture of the bassin and a fracture more than an acne fracture in the viscera and auxiliary organs. "These are beautiful mirrors that are not so popular with women who have pens."

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The communiqué shall include a correction which shall be made public. "This is not an absolute standard after all, except with the following information. "Avoid concluding by:" This is a charge and is currently reporting in a hospital setting with sole clients. Son is not available for readmission. "

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