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J'accuse footage canceled in Rehn after feminist activists intervene


Activists canceled the TNB movie broadcast in Rehn. New exit episode upset by new rape charges against Roman Polanski.

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Roman Polanski at the presentation of his latest film in Paris on November 4, 2019.
Roman Polanski at the presentation of his latest film in Paris on November 4, 2019. TOMAS SAMSON / AFP

Rape charges against Roman Polanski continue to disrupt the release of his latest film. Feminist activists hostile to the spread of J & # 39; accuse disrupted a TNN cinema screening Saturday night, November 17, in Ren, which was canceled. The premises were also evacuated. After a long discussion with activists, management decided to downgrade the three sessions scheduled for Sunday, but retained the following.

Activists have shared pictures of their intervention on social networks, saying they show, in vain, the TNB director to "Degrade movie for good".

The director of TNB, Arthur Nausicil, justified his choice to maintain the programming of J & # 39; accuse in long letter posted on his website November 12th. This movie "Deals with hot topic and page with shameful history of our country and whose scandal continues today"he recalled.

For director "film deprogramming will evacuate debate"

"However, his director has been the subject of complaints for rape and claims for damages for years. And for years, our society has been stuck with deafness on issues of sexual harassment and violence against women. "he continues

Asked if anyone can "To divide the work of man"he answers: "Not wanting to think about this unprecedented experience alone, I run the risk of having film sessions so that it opens a gap in understanding what we are going through.".

"Non-programming of the film will evacuate the debate, its complexity and we will miss the chance to raise awareness of what we are going through by learning from our mistakes, if this choice, because it is one, turns out to be one.", concludes Arthur Nausicil.

New rape charges that cause problems

The Polanski case has embarrassed the French film community in recent days. While the director was in full promotion of J & # 39; accuse, new charges were brought against him. Valentin Monier, a former French model photographer who has starred in several films in the 1980s, accuses Roman Polanski of beating and raping her in 1975 in Switzerland when she was 18 – which he denies.

The French, whose accusations have been added to other women in recent years, all refuted by Roman Polanski, have said they have not filed a lawsuit over these facts, prescribed. But she claims she decided to make the accusation publicly because of its publication in France J & # 39; accuse, dealing with the famous miscarriage of justice since the late nineteenth centurye century, the charge wrongly Captain Alfred Dreyfus.

The promotion of the film was marred by controversy. Several of his actors canceled press interviews such as Jeananne Dujardin, who was originally expected to arrive at TF1's 20 hours on November 10. Feminist activists also blocked the entrance to the cinema in Paris during a preview of the film on Tuesday, November 12, the day before its official release.

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