Saturday , September 26 2020

IN IVO – Earthquake Southeast: "We Must Expect Smaller Replicas"


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Here's the main information about Monday's earthquake:

– The quake, measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale, occurred in Ardèche, "26km south-east of Privas", possibly near Teil at 11.52am. In the metropolitan France there was no earthquake of this magnitude (5.4) since February 22, 2003 in Ramberville (Vosges).

– It was felt mainly in Drom and Ardeche. In the town of Tail (Ardèche), where the quake was strongly felt, serious damage was discovered. 250 people had to be moved to three gyms open for the night.

– In Montelimar (Drme), a 45-year-old man is seriously injured in the lower limbs after falling from a scaffold. In Ardeh, three more people were slightly injured after a panic attack.

– The nuclear facilities present in the quake-stricken region – such as Tricastin and Croissants – show no harm, according to Drom Prefecture. "Reactors are currently working on their production schedule," EDF said at 4 pm As a precautionary principle, reactor production no. Crews 2, 3 and 4 were temporarily suspended at 6 pm, the EDC said in a statement.

– Have there been, or will there be, answers? "Sure," says geophysicist Marianne Methoys in an interview here. "The population has to be ready to feel them." Generally, they are smaller than the main shock.

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