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iFixit: The new 16-inch MacBook Pro keyboard isn't that bad

Apple is so proud of its new 16-inch MacBook Pro keyboard that it inherits a name that resonates with Mac users: Magic Keyboard. Phil Schiller has made tons of them on this topic, explaining how much the manufacturer has invested resources and time into designing this keyboard that updates the good old scissor mechanism before 2015 (read: Phil Schiller: Magic Pro-only Keyboard at the moment ).

MacBook Pro 16 inches under the knife.

Communication is one thing, reality is another: dismantling the new computer it manages iFixit shows that before the Butterfly era, Apple continued the technology of scissor keys on the Magic Keyboard and MacBook. So much so that the bricolage site was amused by the removal of the key – the MacBook Pro to replace it with the same magic keyboard touch. Without this is a problem.

All the better for repairs, but it's hard to believe that Apple will struggle to maintain two keyboard technologies, scissors for goodies, and a butterfly for the general public as Phil Schiller wants to believe. This is especially so since the machines equipped with a butterfly are covered by a costly program to replace their keyboards.

DisassemblyiFixit continues, but another autopsy lecture shows that SSD and RAM are soldered to the motherboard; therefore, it will be impossible to replace these components (Microsoft and its transfer to Apple's Surface Pro X).

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