Tuesday , September 21 2021

Gerald Darmanin clarifies that the government will not try to reintroduce its version of Article 24 of the “Global Security” law

Demonstration against Article 24 of the Global Security Code, December 5 in Paris.

“Article 24 of the Comprehensive Security Act, which is the source of the political crisis in the government and the majority that has committed itself to rewrite it in its entirety, will not be recycled into the separatism law,” Gerald Darmanin explained in Weekly newspaper (JDD) December 6.

Faced with the objection caused by this Article 24, which provides for the punishment of use “Malicious” images of the police, the idea was raised to replace it with another provision contained in the bill “Strengthening the Republic Principles”. This text, presented Wednesday at the Council of Ministers, envisions a measure in line with the spirit of Article 24, extended to all civil servants.

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“Protect the police”

According to the current wording, Article 24 of the bill aims to sentence five years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros for “Discover, spread or transmit” maliciously “Information regarding the private, family or professional life of a person enabling him to be identified or located” when the victim is entrusted with a mission of public service or guardian of public authority, such as a police officer or a gendarme.

“This will not be a government proposal”, Gerald Darmanin told JDD. “Being a policeman or a gendarme is very special. “We must continue to specifically protect the police.”, added the Minister of Interior.

While the text must pass before the Senate in January before returning to Parliament, where the majority promised a “Total rewriting” of Article 24 criticized by his opponents for his attack on freedom of information, the minister assures “Leave in parliament” care to find the new formulation.

“A leader who defends his troops”

Forced to withdraw from the long-claimed union provision, which he zealously defended, Darmanin said he “There is no impression that you have lost your hand”.

“I take blows for the police and the gendarmes. “I am proud to be a leader defending his troops, who does not leave like a flock of sparrows when there is a problem.”he assured.

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