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France: The Blues got closer to the feat after the crazy match, the summary of the meeting

England - France: The Blues came closer to the feat after the crazy match, the summary of the meeting

ENGLAND – FRANCE. After a crazy rugby match, concluded after two overtimes, the “blues” lost to the English with a result of 22:19. XV de la Rose won the Cup of Autumn Nations against a very young and very inexperienced French team. Find a summary of the meeting.

18:08 – He will miss 30 seconds

It is a match that the French will be able to consider. Defeat, however, which will give a little more weight to the support of the supporters in this group. The regulation requires, XV of France this afternoon had the charm of an encore team. After a few experiences, youth, the Blues started to lose against one of the best teams on the planet. The English, the current vice-world champion, could not expect that then. The British press talked about be prani, the Blues were close to playing a bad joke with them, in the temple of Twickenham.

If the “blues” have won the first 3 points of the match, they will surprise their world by scoring the first attempt of the match. At alibert’s top job, it’s Bryce Dulin who will be ousted at the end of the English, grog. France would have been heroic on many occasions, such as this incredible defense at the end of the first half. Killed by the English for 3 minutes, Fabien Galtier’s boys will endure without being guilty.

The second half was much harder to manage. The French will see very little of the English camp. Practically perfect and well-assisted by Farrell from the bad days, the Blues will have the race before almost the entire meeting … up to 30 seconds to go. A well-played penalty, a well-executed goal, the English equalized at the end of the match and fatigue. 19-19, Homeric opposition will end in overtime. At the corner, the French did not have the opportunity to use their chance at the foot. Farrell had to do it twice to wrap up the meeting forever. The Blues therefore lose from 22 to 19 in a completely crazy match. French people can hardly hide their disappointment. The English won the autumn cup of nations without much success. That is the least we can say.

17:49 – poor performance of Farrell

If France can be satisfied with their performance, they can also thank Owen Farrell. The English striker completely missed his match even if he scored the decisive 3 points in his team’s victory. One of the best scorers on the planet will miss 4 of his 9 attempts. One of which, after 2 minutes of extra time, which could allow the French to win.

17:40 – Twickenham win? France will have to wait

France was close there, but will have to wait. The Blues would have been heroic, but they failed to end the series that is unfavorable for them. XV of France has not beaten England at home since 2007 … in the time of Chabal and co!

17:30 – Galtier: “Am I proud? I am divided”

It is Fabien Galtier with great seriousness who came to the microphone of France Television after this match. “The match is a decision-making game, he laments. It is very frustrating. But I hope we have given our fans pleasure.” For the coach of XV of France, these young blues did not achieve a feat, but a “performance”. “Am I proud? I’m divided,” he admitted.

17:20 – Walkie: “We wanted to show that there was no Team B, only one group”

Asked after the meeting, Cameron Walkie could hardly hide his great disappointment despite some pride. “It’s the strength of the French. We just wanted to show that there was only one group, there was no France B or a second team. Of course there is disappointment, but we can lose our pride,” the French relativized on France 2’s microphone.

17:07 – Farrell hits, England wins!

France was penalized in a match in Itoye. Far from the center of the left, Farrell is not missing this time! 3 points for England! That is why the English won the match after a completely crazy match! Well done English, but above all well done to these young blouses! England win 22-19!

17:05 – Sanctioned the French Scrum

After the shot, the referee orders a scramble after a very suspicious striker from Makalu. Scrum is sanctioned by a referee who allows the English to start attacking again.

17:01 – The first sequel is over

You have it there, 10 minutes have passed. He whistles a break after the good defense of Raka who sends an Englishman in contact. We are leaving soon for a new extension. The French will be able to start this second phase of the sequels. This match is crazy.

16:55 – The French attack is punished

Arg damage !! In the offensive phase of the French game, the Blues hit the English defense, hoping that the guys of the Unions were to blame. But ultimately the Blues are punished. Too bad! It starts again! What uncertainty! What a stress!

16:51 – Farrell misses the post!

AMAZING! LIKE A CRAZY BEAR! He was turned to the posts! Farrell, after Makalu’s foul, had a chance to win England! It was totally in his strings but he totally misses it !!! The ball bounces off the edge of the tripod. At 1 mm the balloon is back !! Incredible !!

16:50 – Time for extra time!

Come on, everything is played now! Extra time looks like a golden goal in football. LET’S GO !!!

16:48 – The first team to win!

Here is the bet: The first team to score the lowest point wins the match and therefore the tournament! The English will be engaged!

16:42 – English language test 30 seconds from the end! Make room for extra time!

Aj Aj Aj !!!!! The English played wonderfully on the penalty spot! After one touch, the English created a goal and turned in the goal to equalize! Behind, 20 meters from the tripods, Farrell equalizes! 19 everywhere! Make room for extra time !! How hard it is for the Blues!

16:38 – Post returning to Carbonell under the whistle!

Finally a concrete offensive phase for the Blues! A hand ignited a fuse, but the English turned it back. The referee sees that this does not benefit the “blues” and is an English mistake. Very eccentric on the right, Carbonell tries his luck accompanied by whistles of about 2000 English present. And passes with the help of the real post! COME ON !!! REMAINS 3 MINUTES !!!!

16:36 – England react immediately

France is on the verge of disintegration again, but Villar is solid in defense! The Blues are still sanctioned with arbitration, which is a downstream mistake. Facing the tripod, Farrell, 25 meters in front of the pillars, can not be missed. 12 to 16 for the Blues!


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