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Foot OL – OL: Lopes cannon, the Lyon reviendra pour L1 – Olympique Lyonnais

There are six matches without any concussions, the situation being urgent for the Olympic Lyonnais.

Avoiding a match conceded to Brest (2-2) meridian, President Jean-Michel Aulas went to sort the silence to get a pressure coupe. Apparently, the declaration of the FIFA ceremony at the end of the day, the initiative of the group and the staff that is currently reopened is beyond the reach of the training session. L'occasion for Anthony Lopes et se coquipiers de vider leur sac.

« You have to sort it out on the ground to measure it. Dance in vestiaire, on a rocky beach and just have a video session, a révélé le gardien lyonnais. Make sure you have a parcel and donate your son's money for the quickest possible extras. On a par with the receiving stage, the tactical aspect, the plates. Maintainer, to monitor the appearance of the image on the ground. On each side of a beacon of elements in place for yarn. »

Le retour du «roller compresseur»?

« Des incompréhensions entre nous? After the special. This discussion is trait important. Beaucoup de persones on parole, more than just the right distance, a precursor to the international portugais. C'est fall and constructive, which is a crucial part of the condition of the rest of the notary. En tout cas, entre nous, ça se passe très, très bien. On a yearly basis, the group is troud soudé. Quad la confiance sera de nouveau présente, on sera capable of other compressor rouleau that nos supporters voir. What a passer by the train. »Et peut-etre par un succès contre Nantes samedi (13h30).

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