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Etienne – Lyon: No derby match, Follow match on direct!

Saint-Etienne - Lyon: a derby hockey match in direct!

MATCH SAINT-ETIENNE – LYON 2019 – Acquisition of two equipments is not provided for advancement. Live scores, scores, results … Resume live matches directly between ASSE and LOL at the 9th leg of the Ligue 1 tournament.


22:14 – La frappe de Bouanga!

Surprisingly, Denis Bouaga is realizing a superbeat app and is serviced by Boudebouz. In the surface, the interior is repainted and the framing of the gauge that Lopes stops at two temps!

22:11 – Le Center de Trauco!

Saint-Etienne symbolizes the revival with the intentions of the deuxième period. Sur la gauche, Boudebouz feinte le center pour Trauco devant lui. L'arrière péruvien centre fort entre Lopes and how many people just want to reproduce!

22:08 – Aucun change to signaler

The two actuators do not have the effect of changing the timing of the timing, somewhat satisfying the comfort, at least in the compensatory plan, of the respective crew.

22:05 – ⏰ C'est ward in Saint-Etienne!

M. Turpin saves the coupe for the second time in the ASE et l'ol dance at Chaudron! It took about 45 minutes to complete.

21:58 – Un derby très fermé

If you do not attend, it is possible for Saint-Etienne et Lyon to be directly involved in any of the two operations that do not have encryption but are so secure. There were just as many fears in the 45 minutes of the Geoffroy-Guichard pelouse as it was derby in the belle ambiance in Chaudron. The deux teams do not have to override the match in period of time, except for the spectacle!

21:49 – ⏰ MI-TEMPS! C'est la pause dans le Chaudron!

M. Turpin is renovating all 22 actresses in just 45 minutes! Saint-Etienne and Lyon are about to be replaced by a derby tactical and tactical derby (0-0).

21:47 – Seulement 3 fear jusqu'ici

Preview the two crews for the moment, or if there are any fears in this premiere period, there are two direct coup attempts. C'est très, très pauvre offensivement.

21:44 – Cinq minutes à jouer encore

The rest of the minutes are set to reset at this preview time of the 119th derby. The deux squads consist of a 0-0 jusque-là et cherchent advantage not to wait but avoid the pause.

21:41 – ASSE: Youssouf récolte un carton

Zaydou Youssouf downloads the premiere carton from the ASE, for a gross score on Thiago Mendes on the ground.

21:40 – Lopes sort with authority

Above the surface, Abi conserve the balloon and the Trauco sur la gauche. Le Péruvien's advantage over Rafael is that his son is tropically long. Lopes anticipe fall and sort fall into Trauco's pieds!

21:39 – Aouar taclé par M'Vila

Houssem Aouar is a two-story house next to a Yann M'Vila engagement. L'ol a bon franc to neococier, stepped on gauche to a trentain of meters. Memphis Depay has no charge and frappe hard on the balloon, floating, sort of a bon mete sur la droite.

21:36 – Belle intervention d'Andersen

Trauco, the latrine of Saint-Etienne, recurs a bon balloon and peut lancer le contre. The voice of Diony's appeal is in the profondeur et sert mais Andersen, tout en maithre, joue de la tie pour Lopes.

21:33 – Corner en faveur des Verts

Les Verts is proceeding from a premier corner in a match next to a Marcelo deconstruction on a Boudebouz franc coupe. Definition of lyoness is not a panic and a danger to danger.

21:29 – L'OL a du mal offensivement

As lioness juniors just don't fall into place and don't have concussions in the match, they are not in the forefront of Jessy Moulin. L'OL doesn't have a frozen finish but within 25 minutes of its premiere on L1.

21:26 – Terrier not profiting after

With a balloon inside the center stage of the Stefanos, the Terrier just lays Depay in the course of the most manual transmission. Les Verts does have a fair amount of attention, just after the premiere …



En savoir plus

La compo de Saint-Etienne : Moulin – Saliba, Perrin, Kolodziejczak – Bouanga, M'vila, Youssouf, Trauco – Boudebouz – Diony, Abi. La compo de Lyon : Lopes – Marcelo, Andersen, Marcal – Rafael, Tousart, Tiago Mendes, Dubois – Aouar – Depay, Terrier.

Listen to the match directly on the television, as shown in the turner Canal +, the only chine in the proposer, in France, the retransmission of the Saint-Etienne – Lyon live. The chess series is also close to the final siflet coupe, to avoid the challenge, at the Canal Football Club, presented by Hervé Mathoux.

Pour regarder ce Saint-Etienne – Lyon streaming on the Internet, available only with a subscription fee only mycanal plateforme, propose in-line diffusion type. Notice that they are proposing to match the match directly commenting on the evolution of the score and summarizing the temps forwards (see ci-dessus).

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