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Enenifer in fuchsia dress facing Mika radiates "Scripture"


On Saturday, November 16, 2019, Sophie Davant, host of France 2 host, will present her new show titled The letter. To do this, it will host a few celebrities. Filmed on October 23rd and 26th, in full Paris, at the Terret du Châtel, the show featured a nice panel of guests walking the stage.

The principle is as follows: The play allows several viewers to write a letter addressed to the favorite star of a family deserving. After receiving many letters, each of the stars will select the mail that has touched the most and will pay tribute to the anonymous surprise, with the complicity of its author. Each surprise meeting will take place either on the stage of the Chatel Theater or in the heart of the family's cocoon.

Among the celebrities who will be on the rendezvous, we can see the presence of the singer enenifer, who will make the show in a gorgeous frigid sleeveless dress from the new Off-White Collection. The price of this dress is 695 euros. His white and earrings on the luxury brand Balenciaga are priced at € 795!

But the young woman of 36 will not be the only one to come and sing the song to surprise one or one of her admirers. So, there will be rappers Bigflo and Oli, but also Soprano. The young woman to whom Soprano is surprised by her presence is an amazing natural, with a huge emotion. Vincent Niklo was also asked as Mika would make a huge surprise for the couple in the middle of their wedding onin Herde de Vintu, in Etrecie (Essonne).

The letter seeing already criticism against him, it seems in many ways reminiscent of the show Home Alive presented by Flavius ​​Flament in the early 2000s … Alexandra Rede-Amil, director of entertainment for France Television, wanted to defend the concept: "These are great stories about deserving anonymity that will surprise celebrities. The letter it can even be broken down into several topics!"It is a beautiful program that is proposed and there will always be spirits to criticize!

For now, the first images promise colorful show and emotions.

To see the first edition of the show The letter, rendez-vous on November 16, 2009 at 9:05 pm France 2.

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