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Electronic Cigarette: Doctors are to blame

It's a new blow for the electronic cigarette. Following outbreaks of lung disease in the United States this summer, banned in several states, an American study published in early November on the European Association of Cardiology website says that pumice "could have negative effects on the cardiovascular system" and believes that it is too early to consider them a "safe alternative" to tobacco.

The authors point to "the effect of nicotine that raises blood pressure and heart rate, as well as fine particles, which can cause hardening of the arteries and inflammation". An argument that is being challenged by quesak scientist Le Fuesec, a health care professional and VIP, is very angry at these "addictive" studies. "Yes, there are fine particles, but they are liquid and not as rigid as those found in cigarettes and exhaust pipes, so we cannot draw the same conclusions, moreover the study says there is no certainty," he argues.

According to this training tubacologist, the only product "a little bit unknown" in the vaping is aromas. "When we heat them, we really don't know what it gives," he admits, punishing "applied ideas and prejudices." "It's like this summer, it was said that evaporation is responsible for serious lung problems in the United States. No, the people who got sick were using bulky products bought on the black market! ".

"It would be dramatic for vapers to go back to smoking"

His statement is unequivocal. "Even if there is doubt about the long-term lineage, there is no photography with the cigarette." "It must be remembered that tobacco is toxic! "Adds Marion Adler, doctor. So when this specialist at Antoine-Blacker Hospital in Clamart (Hauts-de-Seine) reads in a study that the effect of nicotine raises blood pressure, she exclaims: "It's absurd! Nicotine substitutes, patches or oral forms are even allowed for heart patients to smoke. They do not raise blood pressure! ".

Professor Daniel Thomas, a cardiologist and honorary president of the French Federation of Cardiology, emphasizes that this study, far from providing a scoop, is a "literature review" scientific, "well done, by the way." But he is concerned about the message to the general public: "It would be dramatic for vampires to return to smoking." So repeat, no, non-smokers should not be e-cigarettes, but for tobacco addicts, evaporation is "much less dangerous, including cardiovascular". Then, when someone wears off, it is necessary, he recommends, to try to leave the vineyard as quickly as possible.

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