Friday , September 25 2020

EDF plans to restart Kruse nuclear reactors in first half of December


Production at the Ardesh site was halted Monday for earthquake-related checks in the region.

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Crewe-Maysse nuclear power plant, on the banks of the Rhонаne at Crewe (Ardesh).
Crewe-Maysse nuclear power plant, on the banks of the Rhонаne at Crewe (Ardesh). ROBERT PRATA / ROOTERS

Electricity de France (EDC) said in a statement on Thursday, November 14, to ensure a gradual reboot of reactors at the Croix-Mays (Ardesh) nuclear power plant during the first half of December. Production at the plant was suspended Monday for earthquake-related checks in the region.

The epicenter of the quake – measuring 5.4 magnitude – was twenty-three kilometers from the Kruja plant. The shock, with rare intensity for the region, was felt all the way to Saint-Etienne, Lyon and even Montpellier.

The Nuclear Safety Agency (ASN) reported on Monday"No obvious damage" were not spotted on the Ardejo site. However, as the recorded values ​​exceeded the thresholds for which further reactor testing was required, EDC decided to stop generating electricity from the plant. The group was originally hoping for a restart on Friday.

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Production prospects down

In a press release Thursday, EDF stressed that controls over the reactors at the Krusas plant continued "In order to finish them in under a week". The results will then be sent to ASD for instruction.

This situation prompts the electrician to reconsider its outlook for the year: between 384 and 388 terawatt hours (TWh). An earlier EDC estimate was 390 TWh, reported on October 25, due to prolonged shutdowns scheduled for maintenance visits, accidental shutdown of the Flemishville (MAN) reactor, and adverse weather conditions. EDC's initial forecast for its nuclear production was 395 TWh.

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Financial forecasts remain unchanged, however, says the group, which is still aiming for a gross operating surplus of between 16 and 16.7 billion euros this year.

In the first nine months of the year, EDF announced on Thursday that it had a turnover of 3.4% to 50.94 billion euros, driven by manufacturing and marketing activities in France. The group has particularly benefited from favorable market conditions in the domestic market, as well as an increase in regulated tariffs for electricity sales, he said in a separate statement.

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