Friday , February 28 2020
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Dengue sexually transmitted?

The first case of dengue fever was confirmed in Spain last Friday. It was a young man diagnosed at a Madrid hospital while he was not traveling to a country at risk.

If the mosquito tiger, the only known vector of dengue transmission, has been present on the Mediterranean coast for several years, the insect is non-existent in the Spanish capital.

The only link between this man and the virus? Her husband, who recently traveled to Cuba and the Dominican Republic, where dengue is present. They both reported having unprotected sex during a period considered a period of incubation. In particular, traces of the virus's DNA have been found in the traveler's sperm.

As the Spanish press reports, this discovery is of great importance because it is the first time scientists have reported a sexually transmitted case in an area where the mosquito is not present. Suspicion of sexually transmitted infections has already been discovered in South Korea, but the presence of a tiger mosquito in the area left doubts unclear.

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