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Days of War Are Not Dead and Announces Two New Beta Stages – News

In January 2017, Days of War was launched with early access to a computer. Problem: fewer than 100 players appeared before the servers gradually disappeared. However, Dreams Arts has not stopped the case and is announcing two new beta stages.

These will happen from 22 to 24 November then from December 13-15 next. Then, at the beginning of 2020, the title will really come out, with, hopefully, a better outcome. To register, simply go to on the Steam page committed, even if we don't have the game. As a reminder, Days of War are CPS centered on World War II offering battles to 32 players. For the latest version, the studio publishes the following content:

  • Battles with 32 players
  • Cards
  • 4 fractions
  • 60 weapons
  • matchmaking
  • Progressive system of progression and unblocking
  • 6 adjustable classes
  • Blood and scattering
  • Bots in more and local training
  • Card editor and steam workshop support
  • Dynamic balloon penetration according to the thickness of the pads and the type of material

Days of War: Trailer for new beta stages

Initially, Days of War was planned on PC, but also on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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