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David Hallyday shifts Johnny's death certificate

The singer is out of his reserve for the first time since the death of Johnny & # 39; this Sunday at TF1. He said that he had been brutally moved to the side since the rocker's hospitalization in 2009. It was difficult to assume a disgrace to the one who adored his father.

David Hallyday does not run away unscathed from these months of quarrels and controversy related to his father's legacy. During the long-awaited interview given on Sunday Seven to eight on TF1 the vocalist had a dark face and seemed nervous in front of the camera. He answered 18 minutes for questions about his relationship with Laeticia, the period before Johnny's disappearance and his relationship with him.

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"I could not say goodbye to him"

David Hallyday on TF1

"I was surprised because inheritance is proof that someone existed with their parents," says journalist Stephanie Davoigneau, who asked about the reasons for this disgrace. Quiet, simple observation of the singer is moving.

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"The worst thing for me is that I feel that his picture has spoiled us"

David Hallyday on TF1

"The most difficult part was that there were many people in the area who saw him regularly, I do not understand why I had to announce it, it's weird," says David Hallyday with boring reluctance to treat him as stranger for months before his father's death.

On the day of his death: "I spent all day waiting to return to his office where he was hospitalized, and I could not," he finally admits with pain. Instructions given to medical staff prevented this. "I come from Laeticia?" Asks a journalist. "Yes," he challenges the vocalist without accusing his mother-in-law of getting angry. "I could not say goodbye to him," he concludes, and his eyes are wet.

David Hallyday left a letter for his father. "When I came the next day, I was told we could not give it to him or read it, it frightened me, and I think it's the only thing in my life that I will not be able to cure."

Seven to eight: David Hallyday could not say goodbye to his father – Watch on Figaro Live

Deteriorated relations since 2009

Their meetings have become rare in recent years, since Johnny & # 39; hospitalization in 2009 in Los Angeles. "It really did bother me to see so many people outside of my family circle," says David Hallyday. I said it. I did my best to surround him less. […] I try not to remember those moments anymore. It was more complicated to be with him there. "

The difficulty of his relationship with his father is tangible. "I would like to have more relationships," he confirms. But David Hallyday says: "He was a very good father." And "music was a strong link between us", despite the rocker's long absence from the four corners of the planet.

"The worst thing for me is that I have the impression that we have been corrupting his picture," he said indignantly. "My father was a loving, caring person who loved the four of his children."

"Creating with him was more complicated"

David Hallyday, on father's hospitalization in 2009

"I'm not talking about lies and polemics, no revenge, only love," says David Hallyday. And remind yourself that "whatever you say will not change anything that happened" with a hint of bitterness in your voice.

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David Hallyday does not want to forget about Jade and Joy, two adopted girls by Johnny & # 39; and Laeticia Hallyday: "It's hard to see them today, but I told them before I left that my home was at home, sending a calm from the singer who wants prove that it is not the source of the Hidalday family's fratricidal fight.

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