Sunday , June 13 2021

daughter of Lily-Rose Depp promised "bright future"

In an interview for the Sud Ouest newspaper, Vanessa Paradis continues to praise the "talent" of his daughter Lily-Rose Depp, about which he knows, he promised "a bright future."

Vanessa Paradis is proud of Lily-Rose Depp. In an interview with the Sud Ouest newspaper, the singer is full of appreciation for the actress: "I think she is created for this job and has a lot of talent, so a bright future," she confided. And add: "He has an outstanding taste in his choices: he does not allow himself to be easy, but he goes to what he is interested in, things deeper than inevitably popular."

Indeed, daughter Vanessa Paradis played in the film Stephanie Di Giusto "Dancer", with Soko, she toured with Natalie Portman in "Planetarium" by Rebecca Złotowska, and soon will play "The Man" faithful, "Louis Garrel. Author films. But in 2019, Lily -Rose Depp will be in the casting for the production of Netflix, "The King" (on which she met Timothée Chalamet).

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"It's a complicated job where you rely on the desires of others, I know how difficult it is," adds Vanessa Paradis, who is also an actress. But she's not worried about her daughter's career: "We're always scared of her children, but I'd be more worried if I thought he was wrong, but I feel he was made for it. I can only encourage it.

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